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Lipstick Shades that are You – Bold and Beautiful


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Being a rather basic makeup product, lipsticks hold the power to pull together a makeup look. More than that, they prove to be an instant confidence-booster for many. However, if not appropriately chosen, lipsticks can be the opposite of all that. Hence, it is no surprise that a lipstick colour can make or break your look. 

It all comes down to choosing the perfect shade that matches your outfit and skin tone. Getting this step right is half the battle won already.  Many of you will probably own a shade of pink, red or brown, owing to its commonality. However, it is important to choose a shade that goes with your skin tone, even in those. Nowadays, bold and bright colours have quite the fanbase too. Here is a little guide to help you choose your perfect lipstick shade.

Lipstick Shades and Skin tones

Each skin tone has its own requirement when it comes to lipsticks. Choosing lipstick shades that suits yours will be a game-changer for you.  For this, you need the knowledge of undertones. 

  • Place your wrist in front of a light source. 
  • Notice the colour of the veins on them.
  • Green veins indicate warm undertones whereas blue indicates cool undertones.
  • A mix of blue and green means you have a neutral undertone.

Like your skin, even lipsticks have undertones. A fool-proof way of choosing the right shade is to match your undertone to that of the lipstick. For example, a warm-toned person can opt for lipstick shades with red, orange or yellow undertones for the best results. Similarly, a cool-toned skin can go for a blue or purple undertone. Those with neutral tones can rock almost all shades of lipstick. 

Lipstick Colours

Red: There is a shade of red for everyone. Therefore, even makeup professionals use this colour as a safe yet daring option. While in a part where you have to stand out in the crowd, a bold red can go wrong. But which shade of red will suit your skin the best? A warm undertone of red will be orangish-red, while the cool undertone of red will have a mix of blue in it. Usually, deep skin tones look best in dark and warmer shades, while fairer skin tones look best in cooler shades. 

Pink: Pink is an excellent choice to get in touch with your feminine side. It is girlish; you can make it look bold and classy.  If you have a light skin tone, then the more delicate shades of pink are the best to choose from. Generally, they are shades similar to baby pink, rose and peaches. Pinks with yellow or orange undertones go well with medium skin tones. When looking for darker skin tones, choose any bold and deep shade of pink, and you will not go wrong. 

Orange: Orange is a fun colour to wear. It gives you the feeling of spring and has been trending in the fashion industry. The perfect orange for light skin or cool undertones will have a hint of pink mixed with them. For warm undertones like olive,  yellow shades that have a touch of tangerine will suit them best. For neutral undertones, try the warm-toned hues on your lips. If you find them to be too bright, you can opt for a shade cooler than that.

Purple: Many celebrity makeup artists say that purple is the new red. This is an amazing choice for all those who want to make heads turn. When worn correctly, purple can amplify your outfit and speak for itself. For light skin tones, go with lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac. For medium and olive skin tones, violets and plums are the best choices. For deeper skin tones, you can easily pull off the darker shades of purple like grape and wine. 

Brown: Similar to red, browns are becoming a go-to shade for any festive event. Brown lipsticks can give an edgy and mysterious look. While going with brown, choose the cinnamon and taupe with red or pink undertones for light skintones. If you have medium skin tones, you can easily pull off any shade of brown. And if you have dark skin, consider shades like coffee, tan, and chocolate.

With all that being said, the best choice of lipstick is one that makes you feel like yourself and gives you confidence. Use this article as a little guide to finding your perfect match.

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