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Lisa Hamme Urged to STFU About Usman by Fatigued 90 Day Fiance Fans


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Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days has introduced all-new couples, without one single returning pair.

One star, however, was a familiar face, and when Usman Umar is making headlines, his ex is sure to follow.

Lisa Hamme had been mocking Usman and Kimberly all season long, taking cheap shots at her ex-husband.

A lot of fans think that the remarried former cast member is bitter. A lot of fans think that she should say a lot less.

Before Usman Umar ever spoke to Kimberly Menzies, he was married to self-styled “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme.

That marriage went south, including Usman accusing Lisa of using the N-word at him — and Lisa’s subsequent firing.

Since then, Lisa has remarried, and Usman has built up a “friendship” with Kimberly.

Usman Umar takes a goofy selfie with Kimberly Menzies

After Usman finally gave Kimberly the yammy-yammy that she craved, things were going so well.

(Honestly? Even without the reality TV exposure that he’s getting, that’s a small price to pay for a PS5 and a Macbook Pro)

We’d say that Usman was also in it for Kimberly, at least in part, but we have to ask why he immediately sabotaged things the next day.

Usman Umar - there is this lady, Zara

Usman had been keeping a secret from Kimberly — one that viewers already knew.

His song, “Zara,” was not a generic love song, but about a specific woman.

The real Zara was also an American woman with whom Usman was entangled, but who couldn’t handle his thirsty fans.

Kimberly Menzies to Usman Umar - you told me Zara was just a name you picked out

What really got to Kimberly wasn’t just that this was a secret, but that Usman’s timeline was so different from her own.

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He began talking to Zara two weeks after he started talking to Kimberly, had this whole relationship, and broke up with Zara four months ago.

As far as he was concerned, Kimberly was just a “friend” until recently, but Kimberly felt humiliated.

Usman Umar - why are you like this?

Kimberly was furious, feeling that her day was ruined.

They returned to the hotel room, where she began to angrily pack her things.

Usman was left feeling like this was all a little too familiar.

Usman Umar - am I repeating the same mistake I made before?

Usman has gone out of his way to refer to Lisa Hamme as little as possible, even though we all saw their disastrous romance play out.

But he could not help but think of another older white American woman who had insecurity issues and got angry all too easily.

That same woman happens to be keeping up with events on the show … and using her connection to Usman to get attention whenever she puts him on blast.

Lisa Hamme iG claims she was gagging, introduced Usman to deodorant

But Lisa is pushing things alarmingly far, as in this Instagram post when she took aim at her ex.

“In this scene I was gagging on the smell thank god I introduced him to deodorant,” Lisa claimed.

Okay … wow.

Anyone can have body odor. A deodorant spray on its last legs might not be up to a job, and some days are just too hot.

But Lisa didn’t just say that he was sweaty. She said that she “introduced” Usman to deodorant.

The implication seems to be that Nigerians do not use deodorant — which is false. It’s also, you know, unsurprisingly racist.

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More than that, some fans have noted, is that Lisa is being intensely hypocritical.

Anyone else remember when Lisa’s toe was, um, “rotting” during her whole time in Nigeria?

Seriously, she injured it before her trip, apparently didn’t seek medical attention, and had to have it amputated upon her return to the United States.

Lisa Hamme speaks (February 2022)

There are people who are unable, financially or otherwise, to seek medical treatment. But Lisa was not one of them.

It is difficult to imagine the gall of her doing all of that, only to attack Usman for his alleged body odor.

However, fans have a theory as to why Lisa is taking such angry (and random) swings at her ex.

Usman Umar - yammy yammy yammy yammy yammy

Lisa seemed a lot more smug and less desperate in her posts back when Kimberly was still begging Usman for his yam.

After he laid the pipe, it may be that Lisa is feeling a little jealous.

Sure, she married her childhood sweetheart after things ended with Usman … but maybe she misses that yam action, not to mention the spotlight.


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