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Lisa Rinna TURNS on Erika Jayne, Gets RHOBH Production Shut Down During Aspen Trip!


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Usually, fighting and gossiping and petty feuds and mud-slinging is like bread and butter — or the rich people equivalents — for Bravo.

But it looks like Lisa Rinna made such an Aspen of herself on the group trip that production had to shut down.

Not only did she cross the line, the topic of conversation was her supposed bestie, Erika Jayne.

That is a major betrayal. What the heck happened?

All About The Tea reports that Lisa Rinna turned on Erika during the trip to Colorado.

She is said to have issued a string of accusations about Erika.

This was hard to keep quiet, as there were reportedly numerous eyewitnesses who saw all of this go down.

In Felix Roasting Company, Lisa reportedly expressed some sort of concern about Erika allegedly “self-medicating.”

She wasn’t accusing her of breaking any laws, simply of using booze and pills in an unhealthy manner.

Erika apparently wasn’t even there to hear or to defend herself.

As Lisa went on, she apparently crossed the line — in this case, one of production’s boundaries.

According to those who witnessed the drama, producers stepped in and halted filming.

“Then, all the girls made an agreement to not name call anymore,” a source described, “and filming resumed.”

The previous night, Lisa had reportedly been in another conflict.

This time, with castmate Dorit Kemsley.

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It is unclear what the alleged conflict was about.

We all remember that Dorit largely remained neutral about Erika’s scandal last season.

This was a smart position to take, given that there have been a lot of implications and innuendo but little to no evidence tying Erika to her estranged husband’s possible crimes.

Fence-sitting might not make for entertaining reality television, but it never hurts to wait for the facts.

At that time, Lisa was Erika’s only real, outspoken defender among the cast.

It is unclear what has changed between then and now.

Perhaps Erika receiving the news that she was dismissed from the federal lawsuit (with the option of it being re-filed in California) unsettled Lisa in some way.

“Rinna seems to be in a good place with Garcelle [Beauvais] and Sutton [Stracke],” the insider claimed.

The source shared that it “Sounded like Rinna has gotten to a point where she can no longer defend Erika.”

The insider dished: “Dorit feels bad for Erika and [is] trying to help her out.”

“Really seemed like there is a beginning to be a rift between Erika and Rinna,” the source continued.

The insider went on: “although Rinna sounded genuinely concerned for her.”

Allegedly, multiple Housewives called out Erika for “refusing to give up her earrings” to pay back money that Tom allegedly stole.

Kathy Hilton has some notes (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Just for the record, Erika did surrender her earrings to a third party pending the court’s decision.

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Meanwhile, we don’t know how any of this relates to Kathy Hilton’s apparently miserable time in Aspen.

She was spotted asking her husband (in an Instagram comment, of all things) to call her, writing “I need to get out of here now!!” What on earth?


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