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Loren Brovarnik on Husband’s Family in Ukraine: This Is a Scary Time for Alex


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More than one million Ukrainians have been able to successfully escape the country as Russia escalates its brutal attacks.

Unfortunately, that is only a small percentage of the nation’s population.

Several 90 Day Fiance stars have loved ones in Ukraine and fear for their lives as Russian forces shell cities and slaughter civilians by the thousands.

Alexei Brovarnik is from Ukraine. He still has family there. Loren admits that this has been a dark time in their household.

Loren Brovarnik speaks to ET

Loren Brovarnik famously met Alexei during her birthright trip to Israel.

However, Alexei was originally born in Ukraine, where he still has family.

Alexei and Loren fell in love, married, and he moved to the United States, where he is now a citizen — and a father of two.

In a new interview about Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, Loren spoke on many topics.

In addition to parenting Shai and Asher, what it’s like to have two babies during a pandemic, and more, she opened up about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This has not been easy for any of us to witness, but this is obviously taking its toll upon Alexei.

Loren Brovarnik After the 90 Days preview 05 of 09

“He has family there still [in Ukraine],” Loren confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

“And he even said, I didn’t think it was going to affect me as much as it did,” she shared.

“And,” Loren confirmed, “it’s still affecting him.”

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik laugh (preview)

“I don’t want to say our tone in our house has been depressing,” Loren characterized.

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She said that, more accurately, “it’s been sad, it’s scary.”

Loren elaborated: “Because this is real.”

Loren Brovarnik After the 90 Days preview 06 of 09

“I mean, he grew up in Ukraine and then grew up in Israel,” Loren noted.

“And those are two spotlight countries and it’s hard,” she added.

“But we do talk about it,” Loren expressed, “and it’s very important to talk about instead of bottling it up.”

Yara Zaya IG this s--t is real, please pray for Ukraine

Alexei is not the only member of the franchise’s cast who is from Ukraine.

Natalie Mordovtseva is one of the most well-known Ukrainian reality stars, having appeared on multiple seasons of the show.

When the war began, many who knew her from the show immediately thought of her kind, elderly mother.

Natalie Mordovtseva IG mom (Nelia) is out of Ukraine

“My mom is safe from today morning, she made it to Europe with some other families,” Natalie wrote this week.

“Unfortunately, my all friends are locked at that hell,” she grimly confirmed.

“Every night they telling me that they gonna die,” Natalie lamented. “I’m suffering with my people.”

Yara Zaya IG en route to interview, Ukraine flag attire

Fan-favorite Yara Zaya is also from Ukraine, having often spoken of her love for her home country even after moving to the United States with Jovi Dufren.

Yara has given interviews about the devastation, reporting on what her friends and family have told her.

While her family is not in one of the most targeted areas at the moment, she still has many friends in Kyiv — a city under siege.

Lana, whom fans met when David Murphey flew to Ukraine to meet her, is even closer to this, because she is not in the United States.

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At her last update, she was still in Ukraine, geo-tagging her location as Kyiv.

This invasion is a horror that has only worsened despite the courageous defense put up by the people and leadership of Ukraine.

Lana IG stop war in Ukraine (geo-tagged to Kyiv)

Numerous Russian-born 90 Day Fiance stars have also spoken out.

Julia Trubkina has repeatedly called for peace, expressing her horror at the senseless invasion and the death toll.

Unfortunately, some have attacked her, as if being born in Russia made her somehow culpable for the twisted ambitions of one madman.

Julia Trubkina IG Russian people don't want war

Varya Malina has called Vladimir Putin even worse, and she wasn’t wrong to do it.

Many Americans who remember the spring of 2003 know what it is like to watch their country launch an invasion and be powerless to stop it.

Thousands of Russians have taken to the streets to protest the war, many being arrested immediately (as protest is not protected under Russian law).

Varya Malina IG ashamed, one bloodthirsty old coocoo man

Unfortunately, it was seemingly inevitable that at least one cast member from the franchise would have a catastrophically awful take.

This dubious honor fell to Sasha Larin, also from Russia, who married Emily Larina.

Sasha seems to be the only one under the mistaken impression that Russia had some sort of justification for invading, but declined to share what he thinks that it was.

Sasha Larin IG you have to be a complete idiot to think that Russia invaded Ukraine unprovoked

While Sasha did scale down his statements, he didn’t exactly walk them back, sticking to vague posts about things being “okay” soon.

Refusing to condemn a deranged despot invading his sovereign neighbor because he wants to is a weird hill upon which to die.

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As always, our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people: those fleeing the carnage, those fighting against all odds against invaders, and those mourning the dead.


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