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Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood Actually WANTED Farrah Abraham at Teen Mom: Family Reunion!


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As we all witnessed, the Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiere was a chaotic screaming match for some of the cast.

Not everyone was there just yet, including Farrah Abraham. But we know that she was part of it.

Farrah is not a good person, is known for her awful behavior, and was the center of a brawl after her shocking arrival.

Even so, other Teen Mom OGs insist that they wanted Farrah there, warts and all.

Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood helped launch the franchise more than a decade ago.

Speaking to Page Six while promoting Family Reunion, they affirmed their support for Farrah participating in the San Diego retreat.

They even said that, in some ways, they “still care for” Farrah. Few could say the same.

“I had not seen her or spoken to her, honestly, in years,” Maci admitted.

“But we all were on the same page,” she noted. “Everyone should be invited.”

Maci commented: “If you come, it’s up to you, whatever.”

“When I saw her, I was like, ‘Alright, she came. I can respect that,'” Maci recalled.

She added: “I was willing to be like, ‘Let’s see what happens.’”

“I’m not 23 anymore,” Maci reflected, “and she never really did anything personally to me besides [talking] crap sometimes.”

“I was like, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ So, I did,” Maci explained.

Meanwhile, Amber spoke, having taken similar “crap” from Farrah but also having shown her a lot of leeway.

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In her mind, it was very important that Farrah at least be invited to the getaway.

“I just wanted to hear where she was in her life,” Amber expressed.

“We wanted everybody to be there,” she said, “because this franchise is definitely a very unique one.”

“It really doesn’t matter what a person did or what’s going on in their life,” Amber stressed. “We wanted everybody to feel welcome.”

Amber knows what it feels like to behave poorly again and again and then have people discuss your actions.

“I do care for her,” Amber expressed. “Maci has [warned] me many times.”

“But,” she continued, “I think we all care for her in some sort of way.”

“I’m always the one that’s trying to be friends with her,” Amber reflected.

She explained that this is “because I kind of feel bad sometimes.”

People may feel empathy — whether or not it is misplaced — for someone who is ostracized and often the target of ridicule.

Amber and Maci spoke with a lot of compassion for Farrah.

Leah Messer was not exactly singing the same tune when it came to the franchise’s most infamous alum.

“How you treat people speaks volumes on your character,” she observed.

“And over the course of time,” Leah pointed out, “I haven’t witnessed good character.”

It would be difficult for anyone to honestly argue that they have witnessed good character, or anything resembling it, from Farrah.

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Farrah is confrontational, rages at the slightest criticism, and escalates conflicts in ways that are detrimental to her life, her career, and more.


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