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Mackenzie McKee: Everyone on Teen Mom Hates Me Just Because I’m Racist!


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Mackenzie McKee has created quite the scandal for herself.

Are you surprised? Because at this point, this kind of thing really shouldn’t come as a shock.

This week, the Teen Mom OG cast filmed the reunion show for this season, and we saw some photos from the set being posted on social media — photos that showed Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Cheyenne Floyd posing together.

“Where is Mackenzie?” many fans began asking, and finally Mackenzie herself answered that question in a comment on an Instagram post.

“Chey hates me so I did it solo,” she claimed. “They are editing me in.”

We knew that Mackenzie and Cheyenne had problems because of that whole thing that happened earlier this year after Mack used the term “colored” to refer to Vice President Kamala Harris.

She insisted then that she thought “colored” was the preferred way to refer to Black people, and she made a point to reach out to Cheyenne, since she’s the only Black mom on the show.

Cheyenne agreed to speak with her about this, but at one point she called Mack’s comments “ignorant,” which really seemed to hurt Mackenzie’s feelings, and she seemed to sort of spiral after that.

According to a weepy Instagram Live she did at the time, she called Chey and told her over and over that she loved her and that she wanted to hold her hand through this — she kept using that phrase — but she wasn’t receptive to her love and she didn’t understand why.

So now Mackenzie obviously thinks Cheyenne hates her and that’s why she was made to do the reunion stuff on her own while everyone else was together, but Maci was not having it.

She posted a screenshot of Mackenzie’s comment and in her caption, she tagged her and wrote “With all due respect there is no editing on my Instagram page and if we’re going to call things out we can start now.”

“As far as I am concerned, you’re far too worried about how you’re portrayed to people than you are about how you treat people. If you prefer, we can continue this conversation elsewhere. If not, I won’t take offense to you unfollowing me.”

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“Next time you want to say something that starts a conversation, please don’t delete it,” she finished.

This upset Mackenzie even further because she quickly took to her Instagram Stories to explain her point of view.

We can’t quote any of it for you directly because she’s deleted her Instagram (more on that shortly), but we did watch it when she posted it last night, and essentially she said that she was still very, very sorry for what she said back in January.

However, when she tried to reach out to Cheyenne to apologize, she laughed at her when she told her that she loved her, and it really hurt her feelings — she repeated this many, many times, and she even cried about it.

Her issues now, she said, was that MTV told her that they would take photos of her separately and edit her into the photos of all the moms together, and she assumed that was because Cheyenne directed them to leave her out.

She was definitely playing the victim, and Cheyenne was not here for it.

“I am not a MTV producer,” she wrote in a post on her own story, “I don’t call the shots. But if you feel the need to keep bullying me over things that haven’t happened to make yourself feel seen … be my guest.”

“You have an odd fixation on me. Your rendition of how things happened are beyond delusional and I wish you would focus on yourself and leave me alone.”

She also tagged Mackenzie, just in case there was any confusion about the subject of her post.

A little while later, she decided to explain things a bit more thoroughly, saying “I have done my best to keep this off social media for months but at this point I have to tell my side of what happened.”

“After Mackenzie’s colored comment came out,” she began, “she asked to call me and I told her no problem. We had a conversation that she continued to put her foot in her mouth, explaining how she knew nothing about segregation & how black people were referred to as colored where she was from.”

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“I took my time to teach a history lesson when I did not have to. It is not my responsibility to teach you.”

“But since I am the only black cast member on the show she felt like she had to call me and explain,” Cheyenne continued. “After an hour long conversation she thanked me for even talking to her because she said her husband thought I was going to be ‘one of the angry black women.'”

Pause for yikes.

Chey said that Mackenzie and Josh were “surprised” that she was so helpful when as she said, it isn’t her responsibility to teach anyone, then Mack apologized, but she told her that she didn’t need to apologize to her because “you can’t hurt me because I know my history. I am not your colored.”

After that, she wrote that she was asked, presumably by MTV, if she would do a Zoom call with Mackenzie and Color of Change, a civil rights advocacy group, and she agreed.

When that was over, Mackenzie apparently started telling Cheyenne that she loved her — remember, according to Mackenzie, Cheyenne wouldn’t say it back and just laughed at her, which is what seemed to upset her the most.

But Cheyenne tells things a bit differently.

“No I didn’t say it back,” she admitted, “because I don’t know you. When I say I love you to someone I mean it. No I did not laugh at her, I actually explained to her that it was just not a term that I don’t throw around, that’s not what I was taught.”

Next, she that while Mackenzie talked about his on the last reunion, she talked about it too, but they edited out that part.

“They also edited out Mackenzie having to be coached over and over again on what to say as she continued to say uneducated, ignorant and extremely naive comments,” she explained.

“Every answer she gave brought me into it, to the point they stopped filming, got her on the phone with Color of Change again to explain how she was in the wrong again. None of this has been shown.”

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She wrote that it became clear then that she “just didn’t get it,” and that “She was upset that she had to even apologize or mention ‘the black situation.'”

Later, when Mackenzie did that Instagram Live after the reunion aired, Cheyenne said that she was upset at how her footage was edited, “even tho they made her look her best.”

She said that she was “playing the victim,” which is what she’s been doing this entire time, so that’s fair.

“I haven’t spoken on the situation because I clearly see she needs help and I shouldn’t have to explain myself,” Cheyenne stated. “Once again tonight she has made herself the victim when in fact she still can’t take a second to see what she has done.”

“You continue to paint yourself to be extremely loving and apologetic when you’re not. You are exhaustingly ignorant and if they showed what actually happened at the last reunion people would understand when I would prefer not to be subjugated to your presence.”

She concluded her post with “This angry black woman would like to be left alone now. Thank you.”

Sometime after Cheyenne posted this, Mackenzie deleted her Instagram and Twitter pages.

That’s a lot to unpack, but after all we’ve seen of Mackenzie over the years, it’s pretty easy to believe Cheyenne’s version of events, right?

And even if she did laugh after Mackenzie told her that she loved her, the fact remains that Mack repeatedly dragged her into her own scandal when she didn’t have anything at all to do with it, and she’s doing the same thing now.

Mackenzie, whether she realizes it or not, is trying to make Cheyenne into the villain when she’s the one who did something wrong, and she’s trying to make herself appear innocent and pitiful so that people feel bad for criticizing her for being so ignorant.

What do you think about this mess?


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