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Margaret Josephs: NO I’m Not Speaking to Teresa! That Bish and I Are Done!


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Late this summer, the world learned that Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs are feuding intensely.

At least, they were at the time, and the ugly rift was leaving an impact felt and seen well beyond the bounds of reality television.

But that was months ago. Are they still locking horns?

Absolutely. If anything, things have now gotten worse — Margaret says so herself.

Margaret Josephs recently called in to an episode of Discretion Advised.

The The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was asked if she knew some cruel gossip about one of her castmates.

Apparently, one had received a cookbook review stating that her food “tasted like frozen dinners.”

That sounds like an insult at the initially unnamed Housewife … and also at frozen dinners.

Margaret guessed: “Caroline. I think Caroline’s review said that.”

But it was not her former castmate Caroline Manzo who received that critique … it was Teresa’s 2011 cookbook.

“Really? I thought Caroline’s said that!” Margaret exclaimed.

“Teresa had quite a few cookbooks,” she noted, “but I didn’t think her reviews said that.”

Margaret then expressed: “Wow, I’m going to stick that to her.”

Stick her with that? Does that mean that Margaret is at least willing to speak to Teresa, even if it’s to insult her?

“No. I’m not on speaking terms with her,” Margaret clarified.

She then set about walking back her earlier guess.

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“I thought Caroline’s was… Caroline’s a great cook but I thought someone told me it had a bad review,” Margaret hastily insisted.

We all recall how steamy some of the feud-inducing rumors were last season.

It was only natural that Margaret was asked if viewers should look forward to (or dread) any “sexual stories” on Season 12.

Margaret shot that down … mostly.

She did admit that there would be “some cheating scandals” that we will see addressed.

“I wouldn’t say sex scandals, I’d say some cheating scandals and some people having a lot of sex,” Margaret dished.

“But no scandal, I don’t know if that’s scandals,” Margaret admitted.

She raved: “We have a great season. Great season.”

That is good to hear!

It’s impossible for us to talk about the feud between Teresa and Margaret without bringing up one little detail.

Teresa somewhat recently showed her phone to the cameras, where Margaret’s contact name was revealed.

For reasons known only to Tre, Margaret Josephs was saved as “Margret Joseph” in her contacts.

Teresa Giudice phone lists Margaret Josephs as

Now, it’s normal to make typos — the more that you text, tweet, write, whatever, the more you jumble letters.

It’s just so weird and mostly funny that Teresa has this as Margaret’s contact label.

Was it a deliberate joke? Or did Teresa care so little about her (now former) friend? These are the questions that keep us awake at night.

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As for this feud, Teresa apparently lost it when Margaret broke up genuinely alarming rumors about Luis Ruelas.

Instead of appreciating her friend’s concern, Teresa lashed out at her. Now, they’re not even speaking.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about how all of that went down when we watch Season 12 early next year.


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