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Mary Cosby Ghosts RHOSLC Reunion: Fired for Racism or Protecting Her Cult?


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Unfortunately, there have now been multiple instances of Mary Cosby making horrible racist comments.

The The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is also accused of running a predatory cult.

Mary has reportedly skipped out on filming the Reunion special and many speculate that she won’t return for another season.

So was she fired for being vile … or is she afraid that continued scrutiny will collapse her lucrative church empire?

Mary Cosby directs her choir on RHOSLC

The only reason that Mary Cosby has not been the center of negative attention this season is because of Jen Shah.

When the FBI comes hunting you while cameras are rolling and charges you with massive, financially predatory fraud … you get the spotlight.

That does not mean that Mary Cosby’s bizarre antics and the rumors that her family’s church business is a toxic cult have been ignored.

Mary Cosby explains a quirk on RHOSLC

Reports say that she was not part of the Reunion special.

Many are speculating that Mary simply did not want to answer any questions about her various racist comments.

She has referred to “Mexicans” who “make drugs” and also made direct racist comments about Asian features.

Mary Cosby IG apology for anti-Mexican racism

Mary has previously apologized for these.

We don’t know that cutesy flowy font is the most tasteful way to apologize for something so serious and vile.

However, this is a wildly eccentric woman who makes people wear booties in her house, as if it were a crime scene. We don’t know what else to expect.

Mary Cosby in another confessional on RHOSLC

As reports have come out about Mary skipping out on the Reunion, some have speculated about the reason.

Maybe she is protecting her assets. Maybe, some wonder, she was not welcome.

On Instagram, Mary decided to condemn the entire reality TV industry.

Mary Cosby IG vs reality TV 01 of 02

She shared some, well, shoddy and difficult-at-best-to-corroborate science.

Mary shared a pair of images describing reality television as unhealthy, claiming that it can reduce someone’s I.Q.

(That right there is how you know how shady this is — I.Q. is wildly unscientific and has an alarming history of racism)

Mary Cosby IG vs reality TV 02 of 02

Mary’s implication of course is that she has come to the conclusion that the reality industry is harming the culture.

(In some ways, that is possible, but … if it’s happening at all, the culprit is probably not Real Housewives)

One might conclude that she is setting the stage to bow out of the franchise without having to give the real reason for it.

Mary Cosby in conflict on RHOSLC

Maybe Mary is just tired of reality television and doesn’t consider it worth her time.

Or maybe she just didn’t want to be put in the spotlight and forced to answer hard questions about her pattern of racist statements.

But with everything that has gone down with Jen Shah, another explanation springs to the minds of many fans.

Mary Cosby is confrontational at dinner on RHOSLC

We have heard so much about Mary’s church, with former members describing it as a cult that practically worships Mary.

Now, former members of a church tend to have a reason for being “former,” and if it’s not moving away, that can mean bitter feelings.

But with all of the chatter about Mary’s church empire, it’s a subject on many people’s minds. Right now, they’re mostly just asking questions.

Mary Cosby is speaking to the camera on RHOSLC

But when Jen goes down in flames due to this alleged widespread mail fraud, fans and castmates may be looking for the next big story.

Mary would make an extremely compelling target, and people are already pulling at those threads.

Maybe she realized that being famous isn’t worth it if her church empire and the adoration of its members is being threatened.

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