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Matt Roloff: My Son Has Weird Political Beliefs, But I Love Him Anyway!


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Allow us to say this up front:

We can’t say for certain who Matt Roloff or Jacob Roloff voted for in the last Presidential election.

We don’t specifically know where they stand on various political issues… but we can take a pretty educated guess, based on a lot each family member has said over the years.

And now we can state the following with a strong level of confidence:

Whatever their politics, Matt and his youngest son do not share the same beliefs.

Matt himself just made this rather clear.

Earlier this week, the father of four shared an Instagram update in regard to his latest construction project on the farm.

“Started this am Building the new irrigation manifold for the big house well,” Matt wrote. “Plus a bunch of other big projects that we did with no time to capture on a photo.”

Roloff then cited his son, Jacob, who had been on hand to offer assistance and who welcomed his first child just about six weeks ago, a son named Mateo.

He continued:

“If you knew how many things were accomplished just today while still finding time to hang with Jacob , Izzy and Mateo for 2.5 hours … then take the light of my world , Caryn out on a date Night… I feel productive… but check out this video completely finishing the new dear barn… just another day off for @mattroloff.”

So far, so relatively normal and good, right?

In the comments section, however, the Little People, Big World star added this odd note:

“Jacob may have some weird political beliefs but at least his humility to put in a hard days work is showing thru.”

Weird political beliefs, huh?

This remark did not go unnoticed by followers, many of whom remember when Matt linked to a Fox News article a couple years ago and seemingly revealed himself to be a Donald Trump supporter.

Jacob, we most certainly know, is the exact opposite.

In late 2020, he told fans to ignore his brother, Jeremy, who was sharing dangerous conspiracy theories online, slamming Jeremy as a moron for his own apparent support of the ex-President.

Jacob also ripped his sister-in-law back in the day for her insensitive response to the protests that broke out in the wake of George Floyd being killed by a police officer in Minnesota.

This is someone unafraid to speak his mind and/or to call out his own relatives.

Many social media users, meanwhile, were shocked Matt Roloff’s random note about his son; they jumped in to stand up for Jacob and his beliefs.

“Yeah it’s so weird to want accessible healthcare,” one person fired back at Matt.

Added another:

“Why would you say this on social media about your son? What makes his beliefs weird Matt? Are they weird because they do not align with you?”

As you can see in a couple of the above snapshots, Matt and Jacob do spend a decent amount of time together.

But an insider previously told Radar Online that they don’t get along super well.

“I think when his parents divorced he put a lot of the blame on his dad,” this source said of the youngest Roloff kid.

“His mom was hurting for a long time, and he believes Matt was the sole cause of that — like his dad is the one that blew up the whole family.”

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