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Read 5 Common Mistakes in Product Packaging – How to Avoid Them


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A packaging box is a container that holds the product. Packaging boxes are usually made from paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, plastic, or other materials. The packaging companies decorate these boxes to display company information as well as marketing messages. There may be an opening in one end of the packaging box for displaying products inside the packaging.

But have you ever thought of packaging as just another design element for your product? If not, then should know that packaging is a vital part of the customer experience. It can make or break whether they decide to buy your product or not. This thing becomes more important if you are designing cannabis pre roll packaging.

So, this blog post will cover five common packaging mistakes that companies often make while designing their packaging boxes. We’ll also describe ways how to avoid them so you can create error-free packaging box designs for any product!

Common Mistakes in Product Packaging

There are several packaging mistakes that companies make while designing the packaging. These mistakes not only waste time and money but also negatively impacts your product’s marketing. So, it is very necessary to avoid these mistakes to get success in the market. The common packaging mistakes are:

  • Inappropriate Packaging
  • Unclear Message or Call to Action
  • Too Much Information on a Single Package
  • Wrong Size or Shape of the Box
  • Design Mistakes

Inappropriate Packaging:

It is very important to choose the packaging that suits your product. If you are packaging a small gift item, use an attractive box with the appropriate size and shape of the packaging. Make sure not to include too much information on one packaging as this will confuse people who want things in a hurry.

Less Attention to Safety

In the realm of product packaging, safety is a paramount concern, particularly when it comes to items that may pose risks if mishandled. One common mistake businesses make is neglecting to prioritize safety features during the packaging process. This oversight can be especially critical in industries like cannabis, where proper handling is essential. To avoid such pitfalls, incorporating child-resistant packaging is a must, especially for cannabis products. Cannabis child-resistant packaging not only adheres to legal regulations but also acts as a safeguard against unintentional access by children or unauthorized individuals, ensuring that these products are handled responsibly and securely. By embracing these safety measures, businesses can both protect their consumers and adhere to industry standards.

Unclear Message or Call to Action:

You must design clear messages for customers so they know what’s inside the package and how it can be helpful for them. It should also clearly state their call-to-action, such as the “Buy Now” option because many consumers always look at signs before making any decision about buying something from a store or online retailer! Create enough space on the packaging, so people have more options when they open up the packaging material like packaging boxes.

Too Much Information on a Single Package:

Try to avoid packaging your product with too much information. This can confuse people and turn them off from making a purchase of the product that they were interested in just because it has so many details on its packaging material like packaging boxes, but you should know what is important for customers to see other than all these unnecessary data points.

You Should Also Include:

  • Instructions about how to use or assemble the product inside the packaging box.
  • Demonstration videos online showing consumers how to do something. If there’s an error when assembling their products (e.g., assembling bike parts) or using a certain type of tool (e.g., how to use power tools).

Make sure that all elements are clearly visible at first glance. It will give an appealing look to the packaging, and it will bring more people to your products.

Wrong Size or Shape of the Box:

The packaging box must be the right size to accommodate all product packaging content. A pack of cigarettes or a bottle of perfume are examples of products that you can’t have too little packaging for because it’s not possible to include them in any smaller packaging.

Most companies make this mistake, and they order the boxes with inappropriate sizing. If the packaging is too big, it will cost more, and there are a lot of empty spaces in the box.

If you order packaging with inappropriate sizing, try to make use of that space by including content like promotional items or other related products from your company.

Design Mistakes:

There are many design mistakes and issues while creating packaging boxes for different types of product packaging. The most common mistake is choosing an appropriate image for your label instead of using text only (if this applies). This type of packaging doesn’t attract people who might not understand English well enough to read it.

Packaging images are a useful tool for giving directions about usage instructions, warnings, or expiration dates. However, these should be used sparingly to ensure that the packaging remains attractive and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with too many details.

How to Avoid Packaging Mistakes

You need to ensure that your product’s packages are free from error. It will give them an executive look. Moreover, it is beneficial to make your product the market leader. You can easily avoid packaging mistakes by following the given tips, which are:

  • Get Rid of Sensory Overload
  • Know Your Audience

Get Rid of Sensory Overload:

You also need to make packaging designs that are visually appealing and not too distracting for the consumers. Especially if you’re packaging a product with many different shapes or sizes, this will help your customers focus on what’s important but still enjoy looking at the packaging design as well.

It is essential to keep in mind how much space is available for writing before making any decision about packaging an item. It is important because sometimes it becomes difficult or confusing with so many words written all over the box.

Know Your Audience:

It is crucial for packaging designers to understand who they are designing their packages for, so this helps them decide what information should go inside, such as pricing options, size details, nutritional information, ingredients list, and so on.

It is also important to consider the packaging of your product from a customer perspective. What type of packaging will make you feel more excited about opening it? Is there something that would catch your eye if you were walking down the aisle in the grocery store? Or what might help encourage customers to buy an item they had not been considering before once they saw how well-designed the packaging was for it?

If these steps are followed correctly, then this can be instrumental in getting their products noticed amongst similar items as well as boosting sales numbers!

Go For a Reliable Packaging Company

There are dozens of packaging and printing companies in the market. You need to choose a reliable printing services for making kraft paper box packaging wholesaleIt is essential to find one that is professional and has years of packaging experience.

A reliable packaging company will be able to offer you a variety of packaging solutions, including custom packaging for all products, high-quality printing services, attractive designs, excellent customer service. Using these services, you will get the best packaging boxes in the market.


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