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Maximizing Roof Space Efficiency With Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms


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Efficient rooftop space utilization is of vital importance for businesses and industries that wish to maximize facility functionality and operational costs, in today’s highly competitive landscape. Con-form Group’s innovative Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms have proven essential in meeting these challenges of rooftop HVAC installations; here we explore their concept, design, benefits, custom engineering solutions tailored to individual needs as well as industrial applications.

Rooftop HVAC Installation Challenges 

Traditional rooftop methods for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on rooftops sometimes impose limits that hinder optimum area usage. Traditional systems often need a significant amount of ground support, which reduces the amount of rooftop space that may be used. In addition, conventional mounting methods can be subject to structural limits or might not be appropriate for certain roof layouts or loads. These challenges drive home the need of finding creative options, such as Span+ platforms, in order to overcome these constraints.

Understanding Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms 

Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms offer an innovative approach to rooftop HVAC installations, optimized to maximize roof space efficiency while providing secure mounting solutions that use existing rafters or structural elements of a building to support HVAC equipment – eliminating ground supports altogether and thus minimizing impact on available roof space.

One of the most important characteristics of Span+ platforms is their modular design, which makes it simple to modify them to accommodate a wide range of HVAC equipment combinations according to their size. They are designed to endure severe weather conditions as well as seismic occurrences, which guarantees that their performance will persist for a very long time. It is also possible to include safety elements like as guardrails and access ladders into these platforms, which will further improve their usage. In a world where efficient rooftop space utilization is paramount, businesses are increasingly turning to innovative solutions like rafter mounted HVAC platforms, such as Con-form Group’s Span+, to optimize their facilities.

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Benefits of Optimizing Roof Space Efficiency

Effective rooftop space utilization offers several key advantages. From a financial standpoint, optimizing utilization allows businesses to maximize the return on their assets by minimizing additional square footage or facility expansion needs. Utilizing Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms offers significant cost savings over traditional mounting solutions.

One key cost-cutting aspect is eliminating the need for expensive ground supports that take time and resources to install. Furthermore, Span+ platforms reduce maintenance and operational expenses by offering secure storage for HVAC equipment. Businesses can also take advantage of energy consumption reduction and emissions reduction via space-efficient installations; leading to more sustainable operations overall.

Customized Engineering for Specialized Needs 

Each rooftop installation presents its own set of challenges and requirements. In order to meet those individual requirements and address them efficiently, Con-form Group’s in-house engineering team plays an invaluable role. In partnership with clients they work on developing tailored solutions which maximize efficiency and functionality of Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms.

Understanding the intricacies of each project allows our engineering team to design platforms tailored specifically to its conditions, such as roof pitch, weight loads and equipment configurations. This customized solution ensures platforms not only meet structural requirements but also allow for ease of maintenance and safe access.

Industrial Applications of Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms

Span+ platforms are highly adaptable and find applications across numerous industrial sectors. Prominent examples are listed below.

  1. Housing Condensers and Other HVAC Equipment: Span+ platforms are specifically designed to safely support HVAC equipment like condensers and air handlers for efficient operation, while optimizing their placement for maximum efficiency.
  2. Long-Spanning Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Ventilation Machinery: Long-span platforms provide ideal conditions for accommodating large HVAC machinery such as air conditioners or refrigerators while still offering accessibility and stability.
  3. Retrofitting Mechanical Equipment on Existing Roofs: Facilities seeking to upgrade their HVAC systems without incurring significant structural modifications can turn to Span+ platforms as an economical solution.
  4. Upgrades To Smoke Exhaust Systems: Span+ platforms offer upgraded smoke exhaust systems to increase safety and functionality within industrial facilities.
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Realize Instant Savings over Traditional Mounting

Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms offer clear cost advantages over traditional mounting options. By eliminating the need for ground support and reducing the complexity of installations, businesses can realize immediate savings in terms of both time and money. Moreover, the long-term operational benefits, such as decreased maintenance and energy efficiency, provide ongoing financial advantages that make Span+ platforms a smart investment.


Optimizing rooftop space utilization is of utmost importance for businesses seeking to optimize their facilities. Con-form Group’s Span+ Rafter-Mounted HVAC Platforms provide an innovative solution to the challenges associated with rooftop HVAC installations, enabling organizations to effectively utilize their roof space. Span+ platforms not only offer cost savings immediately but can also contribute towards more sustainable and functional operations by customizing solutions specifically tailored for specific needs – helping companies realize the full potential of their roofs while remaining ahead in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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