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Meghan McCain: I Hate the Trumps! But I Love Erika Jayne for Some Reason!


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Meghan McCain is a woman with many opinions.

Some of them may be ridiculous and almost all of them are based off a life of extreme privilege, but give the former talk show host at least a tiny bit of credit:

She’s never been afraid to spout said opinions.

(Probably because she could always afford to do so based on all that privilege. But still.)


McCain has a new book out titled “Bad Republican,” in which she cites her departure from The View and labels the work environment on that long-running program as “toxic.”

In promotion of the memoir, John McCain’s daughter appeared Wednesday on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live — and she had a lot to say.

About a lot of subjects.

mccain insta

We’ll start with Erika Jayne, who stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hiills and who has been accused of teaming up with her estranged husband to embezzle millions of dollars from his past law firm clients.

“I feel bad for her,” McCain told Andy Cohen. “I know wealthy women who don’t know anything about their finances.”

On this week’s reunion special, Jayne insisted that she gave her own paycheck over to Tom Girardi and emphasized that she knew nothing about his business dealings.

What about the timing of Erika’s divorce filing, which took place mere weeks before Tom was charged with a number of crimes?

“The timelines match up to me,” McCain said, adding that she spent a lot of time over the past year or so with Jayne. “I believe her.”

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Girardi has been accused of stealing money from the surviving families of a plane crash in 2018 that killed 189 passengers and crew members, none of whom apparently received the settlement money coordinated through Tom’s law firm.

Jayne hasn’t sounded very sympathetic to the flight of these victims.

“I believe she has a good heart. I believe that she will be proven innocent,” Meghan continued, agreeingg that some of Erika’s social media posts came across poorly.

“I don’t know what her lawyers are telling her because maybe they’re telling her not to, but yeah, I would have toned down some of it.”

Moving on to Donald Trump and his family, McCain trashed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for showing up to her dad’s funeral.

She said they did so purely for PR reasons.

“One of my dad’s old advisers told me that it was just an event that they wanted to go to because his funeral at the National Cathedral kind of ended up being this enormous moment,” McCain said to Cohen.

“I was told Lindsey Graham invited him. I’ve been told many different things from many different people.”

Former President Trump, of course, once mocked Meghan’s father for being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, while insulting the ex-Arizona Senator every opportunity he got.

Hence McCain’s understandable anger at anyone close to him.

“They should never have come,” she added of Ivanka and Jared attending the funeral.

“They had no business being there. I remember seeing them and seeing her specifically. They had no g—— business being there!”

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What about The View itself and her time on the series?

“I adore Whoopi, she’s an American icon, I have more love for her than anything else,” McCain said up front when asked about her former colleagues.

But it sounds like McCain has no positive memories of anyone else on that set, especially not Joy Behar, with whom she openly clashed on numerous occasions.

“Do you take any responsibility at all for the toxicity on The View?” Cohen asked McCain on Wednesday night.

Replied Meghan:

“Yeah, you know, that’s a really interesting question.

“I think only one person was bullied out of their job and doesn’t work there anymore and I think that really says it all.”


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