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Meri and Janelle Brown Clash Over “Personal Space,” Plans for Coyote Pass in Tense Sister Wives Clip


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William Shakespeare once wrote that “what’s past is prologue.”

He jotted down this line for a play titled The Tempest.

But he might as well have been referring to the ongoing TLC reality series Sister Wives.

In a sneak peek at this Sunday’s brand new episode of the program, posted by People Magazine, Janelle and Meri Brown drudge up some of their history … while also wondering about their future.

When it comes to their unique living arrangements, that is.

During the one-on-one conversation, the women air some past grievances about what transpired when they resided in Utah — and what they’re afraid might happen again if/when construction begins on the family’s parcel of land at Coyote Pass.

The chat takes place amid a hike, and centers around a pond on this property.

“I have heard you say quite often about the pond and not wanting anybody by it,” Meri says to Janelle in this clip.

“And I’ve also heard you talk about the house in Lehi, and so it makes me feel like there’s still some…something.”

Janelle proceeds to explain that she’s worried Meri will build a home on the pond and restrict access to the outdoor space for the rest of the Brown family.

“I had some real concerns. And then for a while, you were talking about being by the pond and possibly having a deck, which would be awesome,” Janelle tells her fellow spouse.

For the record:

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Kody Brown purchased this land in 2018, but it has sat barren ever since.

On the Season 16 premiere of Sister Wives, Kody claimed he finally had plans to build five homes on the property… although these plans didn’t sit well with any of his better halves.

This Sunday, meanwhile, Janelle and Meri will get into the weeds of how things were set up during their time as residents of Lehi, Utah.

“But I worried because in Lehi, you didn’t want people walking through – Christine and I couldn’t walk through your house to get to each other’s houses,” Janelle says

This likely needs some context, right?

The family home in Utah — which was inhabited by Kody first three wives prior to 2011 — featured a trio of defined living spaces for Janelle, Meri and Christine.

Meri’s space included the only internal pathway between Janelle and Christine’s individual sections, and she strongly preferred for Janelle and Christine to use an outdoorr staircase in order to navigate around to theirr areas.

“I worked full time. There was a time that I worked two jobs,” Meri says in a confessional on Sunday.

“I just felt like it wasn’t inappropriate for me to have the respect of my personal space within my home when I wasn’t even there.”

Janelle concludes this tense conversation by trying to get inside of Meri’s head. She tries to sympathize.

“I appreciate understanding that it might have been a privacy thing, but it always felt kind of like a control thing,” Janelle admits.

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On November 2, meanwhile, Christine Brown announced she was leaving Kody, throwing a likely wrench into all home-building plans.

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” the mother of six said at the time.

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family.

“At this time, we ask for your grace and kindness as we navigate through this stage within our family.”


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