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Meri Brown: Stop Calling Me Pathetic, I’m Happy with My Douchebag Husband!


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An awful lot has happened during the current season of Sister Wives.

And pretty much all of it has been absolutely terrible.

If you’ve kept up with the show, then you know that the Brown family has had their fair share of struggles when it comes to dealing with polygamy, raising 18 children, moving from state to state, etc.

For the past few seasons, a huge storyline has been the family’s move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona, and how they adjusted from living in four houses right next to each other to four different houses scattered across a city.

Spoiler alert: they haven’t been doing a great job.

The plan, of course, is to build homes on the property they bought when they moved, but that’s proved to be quite the chore — they moved to Flagstaff in 2018, and there still hasn’t been any construction done.

That means that for nearly five whole years now, they’ve been living more separately than they ever have, and that, along with the social distancing necessitated by the pandemic, has driven a huge wedge between the once close(ish) family.

We’ve seen Christine blossoming with her newfound independence, enough that she eventually made the decision to leave Kody altogether and build a life all on her own.

We’ve seen Janelle and Meri thriving too — they’ve both gotten into hobbies and travelling and new business ventures.

Meanwhile, from what we’ve seen on the current season, Kody has been primarily staying with Robyn, their children, and their nanny.

He’s also been bad-mouthing his other wives and even some of his own children.

We could spend hours dissecting all the garbage that has fallen out of Kody’s dumb, rude mouth, but for today, let’s focus on the relationship between him and Meri, OK?

Which, as he’s made perfectly clear, is more a friendship and will never be more than a friendship.

This season, they’re airing the tell-all in three separate parts, and in the first part that aired last weekend, Kody revealed that they haven’t slept together in ten years, and he directly said “There’s just no chance that I ever want that again.”

It was pretty harsh, but that’s not exactly a surprise as he’s been saying harsh things all season about his first three wives.

What has been a surprise, however, is how Meri’s attitude towards Kody’s harshness has changed.

In older episodes, we would see Meri get upset (and understandably so) when Kody would speak negatively about their relationship, but this season she’s been making a lot of jokes about it and generally being a good sport.

It’s kind of weird to see, if we’re being honest, and some Sister Wives fans have been very critical about it, calling her pathetic for staying and trying to make the best out of such a dismal situation.

And yesterday, Meri finally responded to that criticism in a lengthy statement she shared on Instagram.

“A few months ago,” she began, “I used the word ‘estranged’ regarding my relationship, in a conversation with a friend. It was the first time I had vocalized it, and it felt …. honest.”

“It was hard to use, and yet somewhat freeing.”

“I know where my relationship is,” she continued, “I’m not oblivious to that. I will always look for the best in people and situations, and hope they see it too.”

She wrote that she wants to “protect people, their emotions,” and that “I have never been, nor will I ever be, the person who will sit and publicly trash someone or something.”

“So if you start reading this and think that’s what you’re going to get here, you’ll be disappointed.”

Meri then acknowledged that she knows what people have been saying about her behavior this season, writing “I’ve been called by viewers, desperate, pathetic, embarrassing, told I have no worth and no value, and a plethora of other things that I won’t even mention here.”

“In actuality,” she went on, “what you’ve seen is me no longer being silent. What you’ve seen is me using my voice to have fun and bring humor to a not so perfect situation.”

“The truth is, I KNOW my value. I KNOW my worth. Who I AM, what I want in life, what I aspire to be, and what I feel like I’m doing a pretty dang good job at, is being happy.”

She said “I don’t let things around me that aren’t ‘perfect’ get me down, because my inner peace and joy is more important to me than that.”

Meri told her followers that she surrounds herself with people who have the same outlook, and that she has been focusing on being positive.

“I have plans and goals and aspirations that make me happy and fulfilled,” she insisted. “I work towards those dreams daily. I overcome, I succeed, I win.”

“And,” she concluded, “I’m happy with myself.”

It’s good to hear that she’s happy, and we hope she really means it — it’s hard to imagine hearing your husband saying the kinds of things that Kody’s said about Meri and still feel happy and fulfilled while staying with him, but if she’s found something that works for her, then that’s great.

Do you think she’s truly happy with how things are right now?

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