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Michael Jessen and Ex-Wife Sarah Naso Battling Over Custody


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First, Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio split two years after marrying and filming 90 Day Fiance.

Then, reports revealed that Michael was losing his home due after pandemic-related financial struggles.

Things have now taken a dramatically more serious turn.

Michael and his previous ex-wife, Sarah, are locked in a custody battle after Sarah filed for an emergency custody order.

Juliana Custodio, Michael Jessen, Sarah Naso on 90 Day Fiance Season 7

When Juliana Custodio became engaged to Michael Jessen, she wasn’t just entering a relationship with him.

She got to know his ex-wife, Sarah Naso, who ended up officiating their marriage.

Juliana also entered the lives of Michael’s children, Max and Cece, who were in turn beloved by fans.

Michael Jessen children

This week, Michael posted a decidedly despondent throwback photo.

Waxing nostalgic about “happier times,” he shared a snap of his children from some time in the past.

Naturally, 90 Day Fiance fans wondered if he had more on his mind than his divorce and selling his house.

Michael Jessen IG tbt to happier times photo of Max and Cece

Starcasm reports that, on December 6 of last year, a contempt citation was entered as part of their 2016 uncontested dissolution of marriage filing.

It’s unclear what that was about, specifically.

However, just three days later, there was a much more urgent filing.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio wedding snap

Sarah — the plaintiff — filed an application seeking an emergency ex parte order of custody.

While we are not attorneys or legal scholars, that is a big deal.

For such an application to be granted, there must be evidence of “an immediate and present risk of physical danger or psychological harm” to the children in question.

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On the same day as that filing, Sarah also pursued a post-judgment motion for modification of child support.

This could, on its own, be a simple adjustment to child support payments for Max and Cece.

It is difficult to imagine that this was not somehow related to the emergency ex parte order request, however.

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio

The next day, an “Affidavit Concerning Children” was filed.

The agreement and order became part of family court records on December 20.

Given the involvement of children, only some of this information is public, so we do not know the contents of the filings.

On the 20th, the same day on which the agreement and ordered were entered, there was a filing for referral by CSSD Family Services.

Another request of that type was filed on December 22.

There is a return of service shown as filed on January 14, and a “resolution plan date” on the docket for January 27.

Very naturally, many of our minds go to dark places when we hear about emergency custody orders and family services filings.

While there is always the potential for abuse and other forms of child endangerment, until an accusation is known, we should avoid jumping to conclusions.

No matter what is going on, we hope that Max, Cece, and everyone else involved is safe and thriving.

Juliana is currently in Europe and pregnant, having moved on late last year with her new boyfriend, Ben.

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She spent a chunk of her marriage to Michael as the breadwinner for the family, and felt at times as if she were also the maid for him, his ex, and his ex’s husband Sean.

So far, Juliana has not commented on what may or may not be happening with Michael and Sarah, except to shoot down hurtful rumors about her pregnancy.


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