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Michelle Young Gets Engaged on The Bachelorette Finale. But Will It Last?!?


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Michelle Young didn’t listen to her mother on The Bachelorette finale.

But she did listen to her heart.

On Tuesday night, Young admitted she had very strong feeling for both finalists, Brandon Jones and Nayte Olukoya.

How would she ever choose?!?

michelle young

For starters, by seeing what her loved ones thought, as Brandon and Nayte both spent time in Mexico on the finale with Michelle’s mom LaVonne, dad Ephraim and sister Angela.

Michelle’s mom strongly approved of Brandon after he told her he’d be willing to move to Minnesota to be with Michelle.

“I just want to marry her so bad,” Brandon told LaVonne.

Young, meanwhile, those the entire meet-up went “perfectly” and said she falls “even more in love with” Brandon every single day.

kiss for brandon

Doesn’t sound like it boded too well for Nayte, huh?

“There’s a different vibe than what we saw with Brandon,” Michelle’s dad told the camera. “Brandon was definitely a warmer person initially.”

It didn’t help that Nayte said he was ready to propose… but maybe not ready to uproot his life for Michelle.

“I’m still not sure that at the end of this you really feel like you’d be ready for an engagement,” Michelle’s mom told Nayte, adding: “I’m not sure you’re 100 percent in.”

Michelle was a bit worried, as well.

Therefore, she planned a date with Nayte that would help him continue to open up: a ceremony with local shaman Raul to bring them closer to marriage.

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“Here I am at the end, madly in love with you, wanting to spend the rest of my life with you and it is terrifying because this really could be it for me,” Nayte told her.

“I could start the rest of my life with you and be the happiest guy in the world. I’m scared as hell.”

This was exactly what Young wanted to hear, as the pair kissed and said they loved each other.

And yet: On the day of the final rose ceremony?

“Waking up this morning I felt confused,” Michelle admitted. “I have two incredible men who I am in love with and they are in love with me.”

She then listened to an emotional plea from Brandon.

“I truly believe that you’re the missing piece I’ve been searching for my entire life and I don’t want to spend another second without you,” he told Michelle.

“I don’t want to walk another day without you.

“I don’t want to wake up another morning without you. I would truly be the luckiest man to walk this earth if I got to walk it with you.”

Beautiful, right?

And yet, part two: Michelle then shared her honest feelings with Brandon.

“I promised myself that I would continue to follow my heart,” she said.

“It’s not that I don’t love you because I do, it’s just that my heart is pushing me in a different direction.”

Brandon reacted with calmness and understanding, only breaking down later in a confessional.

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This did mean, though, that all those Bachelorette spoilers were accurate.

“I want to run away with you,” Nayte told Young once he was the last suitor standing.

“I want to run away to forever with the woman that I’ve come to love. This amazingly crazy, wow kind of love.

“And through this journey, you’ve shared a lot of vulnerable sides of your past and I know that you’ve felt unseen at times and I want to let you know that I am completely prepared, willing and ready to make sure that you are always chosen first, seen now, today and tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

“I love you, Michelle.”

Michelle totally agreed.

“I love you with my entire heart and don’t ever want to think about waking up next to anyone beside you and doing life with anyone besides you,” she said to Nayte.

“At the end, I wanted to be standing in front of my soulmate and he is definitely standing right in front of me.”

Just lovely.

This is where Nayte dropped to one knee.

“Michelle, I love you,” he said. “I love you. I don’t want to ever let go. I am absolutely crazy for you. Michelle Anne Young, will you marry me?”

Yes, of course, she replied, referring to Olukoya as her soul-Nayte.

Then, a mariachi band came out to celebrate.

“This is the happiest day of my life,” Nayte said, “and so ready to start the rest of my life with Michelle.”

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