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Mike Berk Turns on Friends Who Looked Out for Him: Clout-Chasers! Users!


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As if this season weren’t bizarre enough, the drama has continued even after Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar broke up.

Mike has been seen filming. Mike’s old racist posts have been exposed. Evidence is mounting that Ximena cheated a lot.

Of all people, Mike seemed eager to attack his own friends, John and Nelcy, calling them “clout chasers” who “used” him.

Let’s keep in mind that they seemed to be the only people looking out for him other than his own family. Dude.

Mike Berk stands awkwardly in a garage

On Mike Berk’s Instagram Story, he lashed out at his friends who appeared during his season.

“My friends [John] and his girlfriend used me to get famous,” Mike bitterly accused.

He declared: “They are the number one clout chasers.”

Mike Berk labels friends John and Nelcy

“They never cared about me,” Mike whined in the Instagram Story post.

“And,” he continued, “only wanted their 15 minutes of fame.”

Mike did delete that post … but that was not the end of it.

Mike Berk calls his friend John, gets good advice

John himself followed up on that after widespread confusion and backlash among followers who couldn’t understand Mike’s outburst.

“We’re gonna ask Mikey a couple of questions right now, we’re gonna get down to the nitty gritty,” John vowed from behind the camera.

“Mikey, the people wanna know, that post that was posted the other day about me and you,” he asked. “Are we still friends?”

Nelcy - Ximena, what do you like about him?

“Yeah we’re still friends. That was old, people are just…” Mike trailed off.

“Then why did you say that, Mike?” John pressed.

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“I don’t know,” Mike said unhelpfully.

Mike Berk goes toy shopping for Ximena's kids

“He was in his feelings, people,” John teased.

“The reddit people were getting to his f–king tiny little brain,” he added.

John then theorized that “he’s getting manipulated like f–king Ximena was manipulating him.”

Nelcy to Mike Berk - I hope you stop paying for all her stuff

“I’m over here trying to [make] quarterback plays for the kid, and none of y’all are listening,” John suggested.

He then asked: “Y’all think I’m using him?”

“No, he’s not!” Mike declared.

toy shop clerk reacts to Mike Berk's plans

“I’m f–king here for the kid, bro,” John said about the 34-year-old.

“This is my boy since we’re like 8 years old,” he noted.

“He’s f–king weird and creepy and we seen it,” John acknowledged, “but we love him!”

Nelcy - she's literally disgusted by you

“We love this f–king prick!” John declared.

“Shut up! You’re creepy,” Mike bantered awkwardly.

John sprinkled in a bit of what we’ll call “wisdom,” saying: “Ay, we’re all creepy, man. Who’s not creepy?”

Mike Berk celebrates getting laid

Mike’s weird behavior and his appalling racism scandal have put him in the hotseat.

(After all, Alina Kasha was fired for her racism scandal … and Mike’s was worse in every way, without the “but I’m Russian!” excuse)

It is very hard to feel sorry for someone who clearly is not a good person … even when they’re being treated as Ximena is treating Mike.

Ximena Cuellar hugs Mike Berk

90 Day Fiance blogger Mommy Says Bad Words reported on Friday afternoon about Mike’s ex.

Based upon photos and social media activity and the dates involved, it appears that she cheated on Mike with multiple men (some of whom may be cheaters themselves).

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Take a look here at Ximena with one of these men, “Romeo,” back in December … months before she and Mike split.

Ximena Cuellar with man in December 2021 via Mommy Says Bad Words

This is just one of the sets of new, explosive images.

We really recommend that you check out Mommy Says Bad Words’ post for the rest.

While viewers understand that Ximena has had a difficult life, we all struggle to understand how someone could behave as she has.

Ximena Cuellar hangover header crop

Part of that is that, morally, one would think that she would either stay with Mike as a real partner or break up with him.

Another issue is that Ximena has to know that reality TV fame would change things. How many secrets could she really hope to keep?

None, it seems, given that Ximena seems to document every moment of her life — including surgeries, including other men — on TikTok.


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