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Paso- The Most Delicious CBD Chocolate in the UK!


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At Paso we make a range of CBD edibles and vape products to suit all types of CBD users – from those new to CBD to the veterans amongst us – we have something for everyone. This was because it was particularly important when developing our range that we introduced more recognisable formats (such as CBD chocolate) for taking CBD that would attract and not deter people from trying CBD (given how great the stuff is!).  

CBD edibles are a great starter option for people for this reason. In particular, and being fans of chocolate ourselves, how could you not be drawn to trying CBD in chocolate! However, we found that there weren’t really any good options for CBD chocolate in the UK – they didn’t taste very good (really bitter and hempy), were overpriced (for the amount CBD actually contained in them) and often came in very unappealing packaging. So, we wanted to change this as we truly felt you don’t have to skimp on taste for the sake of a CBD edible. It could be both delicious and nutritious! 

Our CBD chocolate was then one of the very first products we launched and, honestly, is one of our faves. We’d even go as far as to say (ok, perhaps we are but biased) that it is the most delicious CBD chocolate in the UK and that it could hold its own against any more conventional non-CBD chocolate. Here’s why:

1. Delicately balanced flavours

All our CBD chocolate is handmade in the UK in small batches – hence the occasional authentic bubble or two. We use delectable Belgian chocolate that comes in the three most traditional chocolate flavours – dark, milk and white. Each flavour is perfectly balanced with a mildly floral finish from the CBD (a welcome change from that bitter earthy taste often found in other CBD edibles). As with our product range, depending on your flavour preference, we have something for everyone – our CBD dark chocolate is delicately bitter with a rich roast cocoa taste, our CBD milk chocolate is deliciously creamy with notes of caramel, and our CBD white chocolate offers a velvety-smooth burst of vanilla.  

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2. Beautiful Packaging

It was very important that our CBD chocolate bar looked as good as it tasted – we wanted customers to be attracted to it from the second they saw it and, more than that, we wanted you to enjoy the experience of unwrapping your bar of chocolate so it felt like the well-deserved treat that it is. All our CBD chocolate comes wrapped in the silver paper within a beautifully illustrated chocolate box making it hard to resist – hopefully luring newcomers into the magical world of CBD and all the wonderful benefits that come with it!

3. Affordability and Strength

As we mentioned at the beginning, many of the CBD chocolates we came across in the UK before we released our own, tended to capitalise on the trendiness of CBD and were bumping up their prices substantially even when it contained inconsequential amounts of CBD. Whilst a bar of CBD chocolate is always going to cost much more than a regular bar of chocolate, do make sure you are not being taken advantage of in terms of the actual CBD content it contains. Our CBD chocolate contains a generous amount of CBD and is priced appropriately. As a result, our CBD chocolate is one of the strongest in the UK and most fairly priced (in terms of cost to CBD ratio). 

Lastly, it is important to remember when taking CBD in an edible format, such as in a CBD chocolate, that the effects of CBD will take longer to actualise in your body. This is why it is often a great option for those new to CBD chocolate or who want to take CBD as more of a supplement as it’s less strong in terms of CBD content and slower to release. (If you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out – we’re here to help and happy to assist you on your CBD journey!)

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So head over to our website and see if you agree with our assessment that the Paso Chocolate is the best CBD Chocolate in the UK! We are very excited to welcome you into the Paso family and to hear what you think.


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