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Nathan Griffith Says He May Join OnlyFans, Flaunt Partial Nudity


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Having spent many years baring his feelings about Jenelle Evans and David Eason in the wake of his depature from Teen Mom 2 and his subsequent feud with his famous baby mama, Nathan Griffith now has a question:

Should he go ahead and bare something else?

Something Jenelle had previously been the only person he allowed to see?

Should he take his clothes off and get naked on the social media platform OnlyFans, in other less confusing words?!?

Griffith broached this topic on his own a few days ago, posting a poll on his Instagram Story page in order to gauge fan interest in his ripping physique.

“‘By multiple requests’ – lol thinking about doing an only fans page… should I?” wrote Griffith across a montage of his own photos, along with some food snapshots.

Added Jenelle’s semi-well-known ex:

“This will be about my fitness routine, daily eating, stupid things I do and not nudity- maybe partial, maybe not lol.”

Griffith has not appeared on television since his long-ago appearances on MTV.

He’s remained out of the reality TV spotlight altogether, only making the occasional headline due to allegations of child abuse against David Eason.

At one point, Griffith claimed that Eason got violent with Kaiser, the seven-year old son he shares with Evans who often lives under the same roof as Eason and Evans.

The poor kid, you know?

Nathan is now on decent terms with Jenelle and David, residing in Florida and making the occasion trip to North Carolina.

He’s also trying to get his life back on track in general.

“I’m ready to get back to work. I’m about ready to go back into MMA fighting,” Griffith told The Sun this summer, adding of Evans:

“Jenelle is actually being a mother and she has been actively involving me in my son’s life.”

As for Jenelle’s controversial husband?

“The other day, Kaiser told me out of the blue told me, ‘Daddy, do you know David likes you?’ I was shocked. David actually said that I was a good man,” Griffith recently said of his relationship with Eason.

“Every time I go to their house, David has done nothing but respect me.

“Maybe there is bad blood in our history… but I’m not going to let what happened in the past ruin what we have right now. I can’t complain.”

For the sake of the child stuck in the middle of this former rivalry, we’re glad to hear things are on the upswing.

We’re also glad to hear that Griffith, an ex member of the Marine Corps, is dealing with his PTSD the best way he can.

“If MTV really wanted to help people, they should focus the stories of the men and women overseas and what they go through once they come home,” Griffith once said.

That seems more productive for society than shining a spotlight on teen moms, doesn’t it?

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