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Navigating the Waters of Google MCM Approvals: A Complete Guide


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Google MCM: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Google MCM, or Multiple Customer Management, is a specialized tool within Google Ad Manager 360. This program permits publishers to access Google ADX via a third-party Google partner, ensuring only the most reputable ‘child publishers’ can select programmatic partners from the best in the adtech industry.

Google MCM, or Multiple Customer Management, is an essential feature within Google Ad Manager 360. This program enables publishers to tap into Google ADX through a trusted third-party Google partner. When opting to operate under the MCM with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) like Waytogrow, publishers are not only ensuring access to the most reputable ‘child publishers’ and top-tier programmatic partners in the adtech sphere. They are also harnessing the expertise of an accredited specialist.

Waytogrow’s GCPP status is a resounding affirmation of their commitment to transparency, profound understanding of Google products, unparalleled customer service, and much more. All these merits are duly recognized and endorsed by Google itself. However, it’s crucial to note that to become a Waytogrow publisher, a website must meet both Waytogrow’s and Google’s minimum onboarding requirements. This ensures a consistent quality standard, further solidifying the integrity of the partnership.

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Essential Eligibility Criteria

Before diving headfirst into the MCM program, publishers must meet specific conditions, such as:

  • Website verification by Google.
  • No copyright infringement violations.
  • Absence of sensitive content promotion (adult, violence, gambling, etc.).
  • A valid ads.txt file.

These conditions are typically straightforward for most publishers but remain essential for checking and validating your ads.txt file before applying.

Preparing for the MCM Switch with Waytogrow

Multiple Customer Management (MCM) is a critical tool by Google for managing multiple publisher domains within Google Ad Exchange.

Key Changes to Note:

  • Accepting a new Google Ad Exchange invite similar to your initial AdSense or ad network invites.
  • Updating the ad unit path to indicate their Google Ad Manager (GAM) ID as a child to Waytogrow’s GAM ID.
  • Accepting an invitation from your Parent publisher (MCM partner), ensuring you have the necessary permissions under ‘Manage People’ in Role Permissions

Note: Child Publisher users may accept an invitation on behalf of their network within the Google Ad Manager UI by navigating to Admin > Multiple Customer Management (MCM), provided they have the necessary permissions under “Manage People”.

Types of MCM Invitations: MA (Manage Account) vs. MI (Manage Inventory)

Google’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) platform is distinguished by its two delegation types: Manage Account (MA) and Manage Inventory (MI). The specific type of MCM invitation a publisher receives is determined by the product they’re onboarding with. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of these types:

MCM Manage Account (MA) Delegation:

  • Account Access: MA provides the MCM partner with complete account access. This is a more advanced level of access compared to MI.
  • Trafficking: With MA, the MCM partner manages the inventory directly from the child publisher’s account.
  • Tagging: Child publishers continue to utilize their own Ad Manager tags in MA.
  • Payment:
  • Google Earnings: Both the MCM partner and child publisher can receive an automatic payment directly from Google based on the pre-agreed revenue share.
  • Prebid Earnings: These earnings are paid directly to the MCM partner. Subsequently, the partner is responsible for distributing the agreed-upon amount to the child publisher.
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MCM Manage Inventory (MI) Delegation:

  • Account Access: MI grants the MCM partner access to a publisher’s inventory.
  • Trafficking: For MI, the MCM partner manages the inventory using its own account.
  • Tagging: Under MI, child publishers deploy the tags provided by the MCM partner.
  • Payment: In MI, only the MCM partner gets the payment directly from Google. Subsequently, they disburse the agreed amount to the child publisher.

Differences between MA and MI:

  • Account Access: MA offers a deeper, more comprehensive level of access than MI.
  • Trafficking & Tagging: The fundamental difference is where the ad inventory is managed. With MA, it’s in the child publisher’s account, while with MI, it’s in the MCM partner’s account.
  • Payment Mechanism: The payment process is direct with MA but requires an extra step with MI, where the MCM partner acts as an intermediary.

Choosing between MA and MI depends on the preferences and needs of the publisher. By understanding the intricacies of each delegation type, publishers can make informed decisions and leverage the benefits of the MCM program effectively.

Checking the Status of Your Invitation

You can check the status of your invitation via the API by calling NetworkService.getCurrentNetwork and checking the Invitation status in the ‘Child Publishers’ field, or through the GAM UI by navigating to Admin>MCM>Child Publishers.

Important Note: Registering the website with the child publisher’s network code is mandatory, regardless of whether you plan to use AdX for the Child publisher.

The Perks of Google MCM Program

The MCM program provides several key benefits, including:

  • Exclusive access to Google Demand through AdX/Google Ad Exchange.
  • Additional demand from other ad exchanges via Google Open Bidding.
  • Access to Ad blocking and Programmatic Direct deals (Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed deals).
  • Unlocking third-party ad management and AdOps.
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These benefits have enabled thousands of publishers to maximize their revenue and save significant time by outsourcing all or part of their AdOps.

Encountering Approval Hiccups?

Occasionally, publishers may encounter issues with their application, such as messages indicating existing Ad Manager accounts, issues with their site, or domain monetization problems. In these cases, it’s essential to ensure the correct email is provided, close all dormant accounts, or address any site issues or persistent policy violations.

Setting Sail with the Best MCM Partner

Having a Google Ad Manager account is pivotal for switching to MCM. If you don’t already have an active GAM account, Waytogrow can assist you in obtaining one, provided your website meets Waytogrow’s minimum onboarding requirements. It’s crucial to secure a GAM account as soon as possible and choose a trusted MCM partner like Waytogrow, a Google Certified Partner. Speak with one of our representatives today to learn more.

Waytogrow, being the most popular Google MCM program partner, has already enabled numerous publishers to access MCM. Contact us here to start the onboarding process.

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