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New York Employees: Everything You Need To Know About Workers Comp


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Infographic provided by MSA Meds, a professional medicare set aside account administration

Workers comp focuses on benefiting workers who are injured on job activities or get illness, disease, or disability caused or worsened by conditions in the workplace. Most companies require that their employers have a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Worker’s compensation varies across states, and the insurance may become challenging or complicated to acquire and fulfill.

Benefits received Through Workers Comp.

New York employees access numerous benefits if their employers have NY worker compensation insurance. They receive medical assistance benefits that consist of reasonable¬†reimbursement of medical costs to cover the employee’s injury.

The employees receive payments to compensate for the lost wages experienced while recovering due to temporary disability. Additionally, workers comp allows the employees to obtain settlements that pay them for permanent disability experienced while participating in general work within the company. The compensation on permanent disability allows the employees to have funds to facilitate their ongoing recovery.

The NY worker compensation insurance provides vocational rehabilitation bonus and hampers that allows employees to receive educational re-training or upskilling. Also, workers comp offers the employees’ death benefits payments to the family and dependent of the worker who dies due to work-related injury.

Injuries and Illnesses Covered under the Workers’ Compensation

Employees receive insurance coverage for injuries and illnesses if they happen at work and if the working conditions cause them. If work and non-work conditions cause the damage, the doctor determines the critical areas to be covered, which in most cases is the part of the injury caused by the work conditions.

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Injuries and illnesses covered under the NY worker compensation insurance include traumatic or specific damages resulting from a single incident, such as falling off a ladder or getting a deep cut of machinery equipment.

Cumulative or continuous Trauma injuries come from repetitive stressful situations such as stress syndromes. If this trauma continues while on other employer jobs, the employee’s previous company is responsible for paying benefits to cover the juries caused.

Illnesses resulting from harmful exposure, such as continuous exposure to chemical materials at a construction site, are covered in the workers’ compensation and benefit the employees by paying for particular medical treatments to avoid prolonging the illnesses to a severe level that can cause permanent disability.

Stress Injuries that have occurred for a long while working for the employer. As an employee, you can only make a stress injury claim if the injury has occurred for at least six months while working for the employer and also show that your working experience contributed to at least 51% of the damages claimed. However, more than getting fired is needed to provide a stress claim under the NY worker compensation insurance.


Workers comp is essential and helps both the employer and the employee. Also, they enable both parties to experience gruesome court hearings and penalties that may damage the reputation of the business and company.

Therefore the employer must get the workers’ compensation and make it clear to avoid meeting unnecessary payments and damages that can affect him and his employees.


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