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Andrea Locksmith Cambridge – Your Local Trusted Locksmith


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When you are searching for a trusted locksmith in the Cambridge, MA area, then look no further than Andrea Locksmith, who has all your commercial, residential and automotive solutions. By going with your local locksmith Cambridge, MA company, you can be guaranteed to get a professional and friendly service right in your time of need. With an expandable list of returning clients, which proves that the locksmith Cambridge, MA, is a locksmith team that you need to consider.


Do You Know When To Change The Locks On Your Home?

Replacing the locks on your home can mean either re-keying, which is a process where the locksmith replaces a special code on the lock and gives you a new key, or you can get a full replacement of your lock’s hardware. 

Stolen Or Lost Keys

If getting your keys stolen or just lost them, it is a good idea to get the Andrea Locksmith team to replace the locks on your home or business. If you have lost your keys along with identification pieces that list your address, get onto your locksmith Cambridge team right away. You just don’t know whose hands your items will fall into, which is why changing your locks with Andrea Locksmith is vital.

Hard To Use Lock

If your lock is sticking or doesn’t seem to be working as well as it was, it is recommended by the locksmith Cambridge team that you get your locks serviced and replaced if needed to avoid any break-ins or lockouts. Sometimes when a lock isn’t working correctly, we tend to put pressure on the key without realizing it, and this is when the key can break off in the lock. If this occurs, you will need a broken key extraction from the professional at Andrea Locksmith.

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Moved Into Another House?

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. However, you can never be sure if the previous owners have kept a copy of the keys. If they have, this means they can enter the home whenever they choose. If the home is brand new, Andrea Locksmith suggests getting the locks re-keyed as the Cambridge, MA builder, and the tradesman may have a copy of your key. 

Benefits Of After-Hours Services

We never think about the possibility of being locked out of our homes until it is too late. The situation may arise when you lose your keys, they break in a lock, or the lock jams up. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is a good idea to seek advice from the locksmith near me in the Cambridge team, who can assist in finding a solution for whatever lockout problem you are facing. Such services are run from a locksmith Cambridge mobile workshop set up in the back of their van so they can make emergency calls outside of business hours. Employing the locksmith Cambridge team to help with your problem has the following benefits:

Fast Response Time

Whether you are locked outside of your home, and you don’t have a backup key, or perhaps your vehicle key is broken in the ignition? Whichever it may be, a mobile locksmith Cambridge team will do their best to get you back on the road without any delay to your schedule. The locksmith team is trained in all areas of security, including responding to alerts quickly. The team has several fast solutions ready to apply the one that is most suitable. From supplying you with a replacement key to getting the keys out of your vehicle, the team can do it all without any damage to your home or car.

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Bigger Availability 

People need locksmith Cambridge services at all times of the day and night. The locksmith Cambridge team is operating 24/7, so you don’t need to panic when a security problem arises. With a locksmith that doesn’t offer 24/7 service, you would be left until you could get through the next day during business hours.

How Locksmiths Are Working Through The COVID-19

Locksmith Cambridge professionals take safety as a priority. While the team is working to ensure that your home is safe from criminals, they are also doing their best to keep you safe from COVID-19 by carrying out social distancing and wearing PPE.

Social Distancing 

In the past, quite often, the locksmith Cambridge would come to your home to work while you were heading out the door for the day, or they may have let themselves into your home to carry out repairs and installations. With the current pandemic going on in Cambridge, MA, and around the rest of the world, you are most likely working from home. If you are home when the locksmith arrives, they will carry out social distancing measures. The locksmith Cambridge team will distance themselves from you, and no cash will swap hands.

Protective Equipment

The locksmith team at Cambridge, MA, does everything they can to solve your security problem while also keeping you safe in your home. Along with social distancing, the locksmith Cambridge staff members will wear gloves and a mask, which are necessary to ensure the virus doesn’t spread. 

Reinforcement Lock Installations 

When it comes to the protection of your family and home, many options from locksmith Cambridge are available. A common solution is to install deadlocks and security cameras. While these are great options for home protection, there is still another option to think about. 

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More often, people miss out on effectively protecting their homes due to not being familiar with the terminology. A door reinforcement lock is just an extra security measure that a locksmith Cambridge expert can add to your existing door. Having this type of lock installed on your Cambridge, MA home can help to increase the brute force that your door can handle by around 360kg.

When you need a locksmith Cambridge expert to carry out repairs or installations, then you need to call the friendly team who can provide you with the latest advice and most up-to-date security measures that can help to secure your home – contact Andrea Locksmith.


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