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Nissan Heavy-Duty Saddleman Seat Covers


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Your Nissan heavy Duty sure gets it rough and tough in their gears. Overcoming the harsh terrain is hard enough without worrying whether your seat covers are doing their job properly. We at Saddleman understand the rough conditions your Nissan truck faces every day. It is because of this that we’ve designed the most durable seat covers that’ll take it all. Take delight in our top brands; Neoprene seat covers, Mega HD3 Seat covers and Leatherette Seat covers.

But Why Custom Seat Covers?

It is no secret that universal fit seat covers are stretchy and generally suck with their over-covering and shuffling. They lack the perfect fit making it a nuisance every time you get in your truck. As they tend to stretch and shuffle out of proportion. This overstretching, unbearable seat covers only serve to ruin your seats, exposing them to dirt and grime. Moreover, they just cost you in the long run, having to replace them now and again.

Saddleman’s custom seat covers are also 100% waterproof, and rot-proof made from durable fabrics. Our top brands are lined with tough fibres that prevent mud, water, dirt and grease from reaching the seats underneath. By stopping the rate at which your original upholstery wear and tear, seat covers essentially increase your Nissan’s heavy-duty truck’s resale value. With our top choices, you need not worry about destroying your seats with stains, friction or moisture.

One top fabric that will guarantee total protection and durability is Neoprene. Neoprene seat covers are comfortable to feel, and most importantly, are waterproof. It is worth noting that Neoprene is the same material that wetsuits are made from. Neoprene seat covers are suitable for those with an active water lifestyle, i.e., live close to the beach or are into water sports.

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In addition to being waterproof and durable, neoprene is a flexible material. It can self-regulate in response to extreme temperature changes. Therefore, during the hot summers, it’s cool and in the cold winters, it packs just enough heat for a comfortable driving experience.  Neoprene can regulate itself when it comes to extreme temperature changes. For all-year-round protection, Neoprene seat covers are a top choice.

Made from vinyl, Leatherette is a synthetic fabric made that mimics the qualities of true leather. Leatherette seat covers are non-porous, conferring excellent protection against moisture and thus, easy to clean. excellent protection against spills and can easily be wiped off without seeping into the seats. Moreover, leatherette seat covers don’t scratch easily like their true leather counterparts, making them suitable for those pet owners. Leatherette is also the best option for those seeking luxury at a low maintenance cost.

Protect your heavy-duty Nissan seats with the toughest name on the list, the MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers. A novel entry into the seat cover business, it is imbued with anti-tear technology, making them virtually indestructible. Perfectly suited for your heavy-duty Nissan off-road truck the MegaTek HD3 confers both comfort and durability. It is also waterproof, easier to clean and vacuum.

In Conclusion,

We at Saddleman, understand the rough and tough conditions we expose our Nissan heavy-duty trucks to. It is then that we decided to design the aforementioned seat covers to take the beating.

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