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Olivia Plath: My In-Laws Haunt My Dreams!


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Just in time for Halloween, Olivia Plath is about to live out her nightmare.

On television, that is.

In a sneak peek at next Tuesday’s brand new episode of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia and husband Ethan prepare themselves to go over and chat with the latter’s parents, Barry and Kim.

As viewers of this franchise know well, Olivia does not get along with her in-laws.

Not in any way, shape or form.

“You ready?” Ethan asks Olivia in the clip, obtained by Us Weekly, to which the 23-year old replies: “I guess as much as I will ever be.”

The subject at the center of this reunion is especially awkward, too, as Olivia and Ethan are moving away from their home in Cairo, Georgia.

The reality star explains on air that she wants to “tie up loose ends” with her estranged in-laws just prior to uprooting her immediate family from the town in which they reside.

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this,” Olivia says, slightly panicking on the drive over. “Why am I doing this again?”

Ethan does his best to comfort his wife, telling her “it’s time to close the chapter and move on,” before reminding her that he already did so himself.

Okay, fine, Olivia agrees, saying this trip marks “final step” to a “peaceful” departure from Cairo.

“I have not seen their faces in two years and their faces haunt my dreams,” Olivia admits as the couple pulls up to the house in this footage and she quickly gets out the vehicle.

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Ethan, for his part, opts to stay outside… not exactly supporting his spouse.

Over the course of this season, fans have watched Olivia and Ethan struggle with their relationship.

Olivia previously confessed to feeling scared over the pair’s separation, while there were times the marriage really did seem to be over.

These days, however? Considering the episodes were filmed months ago?

Everything appears to be just fine between the Plaths.

Olivia shared the photos above and below on Instagram just a few days ago.

“I’m putting the house on the market because I’ve come to the place in my life where I realize that getting out of Cairo is going to be a good thing for me,” Ethan said during the October 5 episode of the TLC series.

He noted at the time that he and Olivia were living separately back then:

“I kind of want to move on, especially after the trip. Now, I don’t have any intentions of staying in Cairo whether things work out with Olivia and I or not.”

Ethan and Olivia, who got married 2018, previously spoke to Us Weekly about working through their obstacles, revealing that they’d been to couple’s therapy.

“Our relationship almost had to hit rock bottom for us to kind of wake up, prioritize and actually deal with our own problems,” Olivia told this tabloid in August.

“As uncomfortable as the first few episodes and scenes are going to be, it gets a lot better. It gets worse before it gets better…

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“We’re in a much better place now.”


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