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Optimizing Internet Experience with Wired Connection


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Nowadays, all of us love to enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity through WiFi. But if it is something even better than it, we would surely love to have that in our homes, right? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about a hard-wired connection that can boost up our internet connection as well as provide other benefits.

You can do so via an Ethernet cable, which directly connects to the device from your modem. Therefore, you can use the cat 8 ethernet cable to boost up the speed of your internet. In today’s world, where gadgets like smart TVs surround people, gaming consoles, desktop computers, using ethernet cable can be quite beneficial to optimize your internet experience. This article will discuss some of the major benefits of a wired connection and why people gradually switch over to it.

Benefits of Wired Connection

If you wonder why people prefer to use a wired connection rather than WiFi, you will get your answer right here. Because of its super-high-speed and reliability, and other factors, many people choose this type of connection for their homes and offices. Especially if it is the latest and fastest cat 8 ethernet cable, your work will be done in no time. Here are some of the major benefits of a wired connection:

Boosts up Your Internet Speed

Even though we have been using WiFi for over a decade now, it still lags behind ethernet cables compared to the speed and other factors. In order to improve the overall speed, you can therefore switch over to a wired connection.  The difference in speed between the two connections is because WiFi signals are carried by radio waves, whereas a wired connection provides a direct connection. Therefore, it establishes a one-to-one connection when connecting either a cat 8 ethernet cable or a cat 7 ethernet cable to a gaming console or a smart TV and boosts your speed. 

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A Secure Network

This is another reason why more and more people are gradually switching over to using this type of connection. Just as we were discussing the speed of a wired connection being better than the WiFi, it is better to use a wired connection when it comes to security issues as it is quite difficult to hack data in case of a wired connection because of the encrypted mechanism present in the network, which is unfortunately not available in a WiFi connection.

A Simple Way of Setting up Your Connection

It is quite simple to set up a wired connection in your home rather than the complicated process of WiFi. Nowadays, many devices support Ethernet connectivity. Therefore you can easily plugin and have a great internet experience. Moreover,  cat ethernet 8 or cat ethernet 7 cables are pretty cheap, so you can easily avail of them.

A Reliable Connection

When we face problems in connections in a WiFi network, generally, there are fewer network glitches or speed issues when we use a wired connection. There are no network interruptions or dropped signals in the case of Ethernet connectivity. Therefore we can say that they are a reliable connection that we can use in the present scenario.

Faster Response Due to Lower Latency

In a network, the term latency refers to the measure of delay. It is time that is needed by data to reach its destination across the network. Therefore lower the latency, the higher the speed of your internet connection will be. Especially in online gamers, low latency is something they look for in networks to have a faster gaming experience. Having a lower latency also prevents the ‘lag’ in connection and helps you view the web pages faster and complete your online payments without getting interrupted midway.

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Summing it up: 

All of us love to stay upgraded with all the latest gadgets and connections. Therefore, a wired connection is one of the latest technological inventions of mankind that has pledged to provide us with a more optimizing internet experience through its advanced features.

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