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Outbound Vs. Inbound Lead Generation: Differences And Similarities


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It is evident that outbound lead generation has become less effective in B2-B marketing. For long-term success, inbound is the best strategy. Outbound lead generation tactics are still an important part of the marketing mix. Before you decide on a B2B lead generation service, it is important to be familiar with the different types of lead generation.

Marketing Strategies: Inbound And Outbound: The Rise And Fall Of Inbound And Outbound

Instead, inbound lead generation strategies were developed to better align with buyer behavior and produce more reliable results.

What Is Inbound Lead Generation?

Inbound Lead Generation refers to the creation of content or campaigns that are attractive to website visitors and convert them into leads.

What Is The Secret To This?

You can make your brand more visible online through search engines and social media platforms. Use valuable content to engage visitors in information exchanges: their contact information to your knowledge.

Inbound Lead Generation Campaigns Are Focused On Helping And Not Selling.

Helping buyers solve, research, and define problems is a better way to reach buyers early in the decision-making process. This builds trust and allows buyers to influence purchasing decisions.

Different Types Of Inbound Strategies

Inbound marketing activities can include but are not limited to:

Content Marketing



Lead nurturing

Chat/message via live chat

Programmatic advertising

What Is An Inbound Lead?

An inbound prospect is a B2B prospect that has been attracted by your content, and who converts as part of your inbound lead generation strategy. Inbound leads are people who:

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Download an eBook or Guide

After reading a piece of content from pillars, contact the sales team

After watching a webinar, request a demo

Complete a survey

What Is Outbound Lead Generation?

Outbound lead generation refers to the sending or pushing messages out to a target audience regardless of whether they’ve asked for it or expressed interest. This scenario is called “interruption marketing” because it is you who decides the location and time of the interaction.

Different Types Of Outbound Lead Generation Tactics

Depending on their use, there are some tactics that can be considered outbound in B2B marketing.

Mass email

Cold calling

Display advertising

Direct mail

What Is An Outbound Lead, Exactly?

Outbound leads can be defined as B2B prospects that have been approached through outbound channels, such as cold calls or emails, and who are willing to speak with your sales team.

What Are The 3 Main Differences Between Outbound And Inbound Lead Generation?

These lead generation strategies differ from one another in the following ways:

Control of engagement

Marketing assets

Cost profile for campaigns

  1. Control Of Engagement

As we have seen, the main difference between inbound and outside approaches to lead generation is who decides when and where to do it. This includes everything from the consumption of content to the exchange of information.

  1. Marketing Assets Are Worth Their Weight

Outbound campaigns have a shorter life span than inbound assets. Evergreen content, for example, can generate leads long after its creation, providing a significant long-term ROI to your marketing activity.

  1. Campaign Cost Profile

Inbound campaigns are usually cheaper and spread over a longer period. Traffic is earned, not bought. There’s no requirement to purchase the distribution method.

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Which Lead Generation Method Is Best For You?

Although outbound is still a viable strategy, it has been replaced by inbound marketing.

Inbound lead generation costs less and is easier to start, has lower risk, and offers to compound returns that are even lower over time.

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