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Pairing Gold charm Necklaces With Silver Jewelry- Do it Right


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A common dilemma spread among people like coronavirus is that we cannot mix silver and gold jewelry. Do you say it’s a big no-no? We say it’s a massive yes. Since fashion is always unpredictable and you do what you want to make out of it. It is flexible and does not stick with rules. You can always create your own look until it looks good. 

You would be happily surprised to know that there are excellent ways to mix gold and jewelry. If you have been dying to combine your gold charm necklace with a silver pendant, here we style it for you.

The thing restricting you from pairing silver and gold is the right styling tip. If you do it right, girl, you are going to kill it. 

Why Should I Mix Gold and Silver?

The jewelry you wear defines what kind of a person you are. It sometimes defines your mood. For example, you sometimes want to be bold, and the other time, you want it to be quiet. Every time you decide the kind of accessory to wear, it depends on your attire, mood, occasion, and personality. And your will to pair silver with gold collar necklaces totally shows that you are an outgoing woman and believe in uniqueness. 

Combining gold and silver gives you the freedom to try out different styles and patterns. You can literally go out in a different look every day. 

We can write a book on reasons to mix silver and gold, but that’s not precisely why we are here. We want you to win the silver and gold look by setting goals for women around you. Here’s how you do it.

First things first, decide the clothing.

You do not often decide the outfit according to the accessory, but the other way round, unless you have a favorite accessory that you are determined to wear today. So, you always start with what to wear. Mixing different jewelry may turn out to be a disaster if you do not start slow. 

If you want to be the center of attraction, choose the t-shirt or jeans that highlight your jewelry. Just think of something basic like a white Tee and rugged jeans. The white background would give enough lighting to your collar necklace mixed with a silver chain. You can also go with a summer outfit to make it light yet classy. 

Also, make sure that you balance things. If you want the jewelry to talk, choose a simple yet classy outfit. If you want your dress to shine out, choose colors like red or black. 

Mix jewelry according to the category 

The next step is to sort all your jewelry according to its categories. If you want to pair a gold charm necklace with a long silver pendant, put them together. It helps when everything is organized. To make it easier, we have categorized all of it for you.  

Neckpieces: Pendants, beaded necklaces, lockets, traditional necklaces, chokers, and chains. 

The ground rule is to use one particular type and then mix the metals. 

Wrist Jewelry: Watches, wrist bands, bracelets.  When mixing gold and silver wrist jewelry, our favorite way is to go with various patterns of silver watches and gold bracelets. 

Focus on one area

When mixing and matching jewelry, do not prefer to wear everything at once. Remember to focus on only one part of the body (neck, hand, or ears). 

If you are focusing on mixing silver and gold collar necklaces, try not to wear anything else like bracelets or earrings. Instead, work on layering different chains of gold and silver. 


You can play with textures as much as you want. Try different lengths, designs, and colors to accessorize like a pro.  


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