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Parasailing Experience in Dubai for First-timers


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Dubai is a city of experiences, from luxury to adventure, you can find it all in Dubai. So, if you are looking to experience an adventure like parasailing and have no experience, Dubai is the place where you can start. In Dubai, many professional waters port companies offer great parasailing experiences, especially for people doing it for the first time. Grab your Dubai visa, and come to Dubai to become a parasailing expert. 

Before you start packing, first you should know a few things about parasailing: 

What is Parasailing? 

Parasailing is a sport where a person is attached to an open parachute that is attached and towed by a high-speed vehicle like a motorboat above water. The speed and winds cause the attached person to fly high in the air while still being attached like a kite. This sport gives quite a rush and is the most popular adventure activity in Dubai and even all over the world wherever there is a coastline. 

Restriction in Parasailing

At the end of the day, parasailing is an adventure

sport, so there are bound to be restrictions. Know about these restrictions before you start dreaming about parasailing. 

Health Restrictions

If you have health conditions like asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, and heart issues, you will need medical advice and clearance from your doctors to parasail. It’s not that you are banned from doing it, but you will need permission from your doctor if you want to parasail, and you will need to sign liability documents. 

Pregnant women are not allowed parasailing because it is an exhilarating and physically demanding activity. Plus, one has to be harnessed and strapped tightly, which can be a problem for pregnant women. People with disabilities are also not allowed to parasail. 

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Age Restrictions 

Only children below the age of 6 are not allowed to parasail, and the kids above 6, but are still under the age of 18 need parental consent and the presence of their guardian for parasailing who will give permission and sign paperwork. For healthy people, there is no upper age limit, but older people are advised to proceed with caution. 

Weight Restrictions

No matter what your age is, if you are underweight or overweight, there will be many restrictions. Single flyers who are below the weight of 40 kgs, will not be allowed. In group parasailing activities, the whole group should have an average weight between 200 kgs to 250 kgs. 

Country-wise Restrictions

Considering cheap parasailing in Dubai is possible and quite popular, the only restrictions here are the health, age, and weight restrictions given above. If you don’t have any such experiences, you can go ahead with your parasailing adventure.  

First-time Parasailers – What to do?


You may be required to provide photo identifications for which your passport is your best option, so carry that. As a safety precaution, some parasailing companies will need to sign waivers, and parents of underage children need to fill out consent forms and liability waiver documents. 


Wear something comfortable. Shorts and shirts are allowed but make sure they cover your body well. Your clothes should not restrict your movement. If you are doing this activity on the beach, swimming trunks and bikinis are also allowed. Though not compulsory, shoes that can help you run on the beach, are also advised as they will aid you in your ride runup.  

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Other Things to Mind 

Don’t eat too much or drink fizzy drinks, as some people can feel nauseous during the activity, and you don’t want to get sick during this amazing cheap adventure in Dubai. Don’t do this if you have a fear of heights or water because parasailing involves both. And follow all the safety instructions given to you by the instructor of the parasailing company. 

Parasailing is a wonderful activity and is the best outdoor adventure in Dubai. The city has the best parasailing adventure providers. So, you will not have any dearth in choice and locations, as most companies operate across all of Dubai’s top beaches. So, choose the right company, and enjoy your first-time parasailing. This activity is so much fun that it is definitely not going to be your last time. You’ll want to do it again and again. 

There are many amazing parasailing Dubai offers from the best service providers. Choose the best offer and the company to have a fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe paragliding experience.

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