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Know about Philips Simply Go


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Philips Simply Go is a portable, lightweight oxygen concentrator that provides oxygen at both continuous and pulse flow. The brand is globally recognized for its quality, reliability, and durability and its amazing features are the proof of it.

In this article, we will walk you through the details of the Philips Simply Go oxygen concentrator to guide you through its specifications & features that make it one of the most popular concentrators in India.   

With a net weight of 4.50 kg, Philips Simply Go is not the most compact or lightweight concentrator in the Indian market. However, the concentrator is installed with a roller cart and can be easily carried in a backpack by users who travel outdoors. The concentrator has a flow of 1-6 pulse settings and up to 2 LPM on continuous flow. It offers an oxygen purity concentration of 86-97% at all pulse and continuous flow settings.

Philips Simply Go has more than twice the oxygen output of any portable oxygen concentrator in its range. This means that this concentrator can keep up with the oxygen needs for the long term. It comes with a life-long compressor, making it ideal for long-term care. Philips Simply Go is subjected to impact, vibration, and extreme temperature testing.

The machine produces a sound of ≤43 dB, making it a quiet portable oxygen concentrator and ideal for patients for whom high sound can become a hassle in daily activities. The concentrator has a lithium-ion battery with a backup of 3 hours at 2 pulse settings. This is low as compared to its competitors. Moreover, the machine has a recharge time of 3 hours and can be operated while in charging mode. The concentrator is compatible with both AC and DC power.

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The oxygen concentrator can be used up to an altitude of 10000 ft, which makes it suitable for patients who live at higher altitudes or travel to hilly regions. The features of Philips Simply Go are in line with industry standards and are considered one of the best in the portable oxygen concentrator range. The machine has a robust exterior and comes with a top handle as well as a detachable roller cart. To give it a modern premium look, the machine is equipped with an LCD screen. Moreover, the concentrator does not incorporate external filters which makes this machine maintenance-free. 

The front panel of the concentrator incorporates power ON/OFF, alarm silence, an option to switch between pulse mode and continuous flow, screen display, and pulse flow settings. Philips Simply Go is also equipped with audio and visual alarms to alert the user in case of an emergency. The machine comes with various accessories such as an AC charger, DC charger, roller cart, carry bag, accessory bag, lithium-ion battery, and humidifier bottle.

This portable oxygen concentrator has US FDA, FAA, and CE certification, giving it a mark of user reliability and high quality. 

Philips Simply Go oxygen concentrator offers two years warranty and the largest dealer network in India with quick customer service, adding to its proven quality, durability, and reliability.  

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