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Popular MBA courses you can pursue after a bachelor’s degree


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Students have a common question – Can I do an MBA after BA? The answer to this question is yes. After graduation, every student has to deal with the big question of what they should pursue as a career and while many students pursue studies that are in line with their BA courses, some choose to do more universal programs such as MBA. Irrespective of what stream you had in your school – Commerce, Science, or Humanities, you can still pursue an MBA. The only requirement for most MBA courses after BA is the specified aggregate total in UG. Look up the requirement section of the MBA program you choose to pursue. 

1. MBA in General management 

Of all the MBA programs, an MBA in general management has been consistently the most popular. General management teaches the students a variety of management skills as well as perspectives that can be implemented in organizations across every industry, starting from marketing to human resources, or finance. 

2. MBA in International management

An MBA specialization in international management is ideal for those business students who aspire to manage an organization abroad or work for a multinational company, as these courses are more international in outlook and teach critical skills to students on varied topics like operations, finance, strategy, etc. in an international context. 

3. Strategy 

MBA in Strategy is one of the most popular MBA specializations. The strategy aims to offer insight to business students into how successful strategies are formulated and how they help in making successful business decisions. Students learn about risk management, planning, consulting, business development, and various other topics applicable across many industries. 

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4. Management Consulting

This is one of the most sought-after skills in the world of business. A specialized MBA program in consulting will teach business students how to enter a lucrative industry and help clients manage their companies more efficiently and successfully. 

5. Operations 

An MBA specialization in Operations management focuses on organization, planning, and management of production to maximize the output in the most efficient manner. Operations management MBA is best for students who are interested in logistics and supply chain management. 

6. IT or Technology management 

A specialized MBA in technology management trains MBA graduates with the latest skills of design, the flow of information technology, UX, etc. If you are interested in the management of data and how they flow within companies and between one another and into the world, then this specialty is ideal for you. 

There are many new specializations that are coming up with each passing day. These specializations aim to train future business leaders with the most desirable skills. Join today and get started.

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