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Powerful Ways to Grow Your Bakery Business


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Taking your bakery business to the next level can be challenging, especially if you do not know where to start. Moving away from the start-up stage and hitting that next level requires dedication and focus. This can be challenging, especially if you are relatively new to the industry. Focusing on a new strategy for growth and putting this into action over the next few months will certainly be crucial to your efforts.

Offer Something Different – Have a USP

What currently makes your bakery business stand head and shoulders above the competition? What do you do differently that keeps customers coming back for more? A USP or unique selling proposition must be something that adds extra value to a customer’s experience or life. For instance, with a bakery business, you may offer only gluten-free products. You can establish what your USP should be by talking to existing customers. Find out what they want from each transaction and see how you can improve their visit and purchase experience.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Once you have established what your USP will be, you will then need to start formulating a marketing strategy. Getting your business and USP out there and grabbing the customer’s attention is key. To create a successful marketing strategy, you must think about what media and channels will be used and why. For example, are social media platforms heavily used by you and your business because they are quick to show results? Or because they allow you to interact (and connect) with customers?

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Invest in New Boxes and Packaging

You must stand out from the competition, and to do this, you have to be unique and different. One way you can be unique is to offer personalized packaging and cupcake boxes for the box take away service that you offer. When you are thinking about personalized packaging, always ensure that it is consistent and uniform across the board. If you are delivering cupcakes to businesses or to households, then make sure that your logo and business name can clearly be seen and read. If the packaging is too chaotic, it will be confusing and difficult to read/understand.

Form a Partnership

A strategically formed partnership can help your business grow easily. For example, a partnership with a sandwich provider could help you bring in more trade and help you reach local businesses on the lunchtime run. When you are looking at which companies to form a partnership with, always think about the potential benefits and advantages on offer. For instance, will their established name help raise interest in your business? Or will the marketing that they utilize help you reach new target audiences? When you can establish what value you will get from a partnership, you can then start looking at potential connections.

Before jumping into business growth and development, you need to ensure that growth can be achieved and sustained. Look at the growth you want to achieve over the coming months and years and figure out if this will be financially possible. If your financial projections don’t cover your plans, scale back, lengthen the timeline, and find other ways to bring in more money.  

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