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Preparing for the summer: Air Conditioning maintenance checklist


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Maintaining your AC

Your air conditioner is one of the single most significant pieces of tech in your house. It allows your family to stay cool and comfortable in the summer, and even snug and warm during the winter by constantly regulating and maintaining an ideal temperature.

Naturally, then, it is worrying when something goes wrong with it. Well, a proper maintenance checklist can help you avoid just that. And if you’re looking for one, look no further. Read on. 

Essential AC maintenance checklist

1. Use a clean or new air filter

Air needs to move around freely in homes and offices. Dirt, dust, and other things on air filters can impede this. An AC technician typically checks the filter to see if it’s okay first if the AC stops functioning the way it usually does. If there is an issue, they change it out, which lets the AC function as per usual again. Certain chemicals are also suggested for an AC filter, to be used for cleaning. They remove dirt and make the filter work better.

2. Keep the exterior unit’s coils clean

It is important to keep your AC running smoothly, especially in the summer. One crucial step to doing this is to vacuum the coils on the outdoor unit of your AC, should you have a split unit. An external unit’s coils remove the heat from your home. They function much like radiators that absorb heat instead of releasing it as hot air. Consequently, any harm to these essential components might drastically diminish their efficacy. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and protected.

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3. Take out any debris around the outer unit

In summer, keep the space around your AC’s outdoor unit clear. That is to say, free of debris. Debris, should it enter the unit through any of its gaps, could affect its performance. The external unit transfers heat. It works when the AC in a home is on. Leaves or objects outside can block air from flowing over the coil, stressing the system and making it wear out faster.

4. Check the Refrigerator Lines For Damage And Leaks.

Refrigerant lines are very important. They move the refrigerant, which cools the air your AC throws out, to keep your home comfortable.  Any leaks or severe damage observed in these lines must be fixed at once to prevent further damage to your system. This helps the system work efficiently and properly.

5. Inspect the power supply

Make sure your AC’s electrical wiring is in good condition. Broken or defective electrical wiring can make your system use more energy, or even short circuit, which will mean burning a massive hole in your pockets to get it fixed, if you’re not required to replace your AC in the first place. Any issues such as frayed cables or exposed wires, then, must be fixed at once.

Now, the AC price is a major deciding factor in just which model you may buy. 1 ton AC price is often less than 2 ton AC price. But no matter which model you may buy, maintenance is equally important with each of them, and is paramount. 

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More importantly, while going about ticking items off of this maintenance checklist, ask a professional for help when needed. Do not hesitate to reach out should the need arise, to ensure you don’t end up doing any damage to the AC in a bid to maintain it. 

Taking these steps will help keep your AC system in order, and also keep your peace of mind.

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