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Quicklly’s Latest Indian Delights Will Double Your Festive Celebrations


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Sweets delivered directly from India, handpicked tea blends from Darjeeling, handcrafted Turkish decadence – is there anything more that could make your festive spirits soar?

Quicklly, the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic Indian food and groceries, is known for its diverse line of more than 1,00,000 top-shelf Indian products.

What you need to know is that the brand has brought in a world of coveted Indian products as its new and premium line of offerings that include gourmet tea blends from T SALON, handpicked Chai leaves from The Chai Box, authentic Indian sweets directly procured from India by Indian Sweets Almond House, Turkish decadence by The Baklava Box and more. 

Making Your Festive Celebrations Sweeter

Almond House

At Almond House, sweets have a special place. From traditional North and South Indian sweets to the exotic flavors of baklava, there’s something for everyone. The brand offers eggless confectioneries prepared with a whole lot of love and care. As dietary preferences vary, they are committed to ensuring that everyone can indulge in the joy of sweets. 

At Almond House mithais have been inspired by so many memories. From the much-loved mighty Motichoor to sweet sensation Kaju Katli and everyone’s heartthrob Badam Halwa, they’ve got it all to bring the joy of home closer to you. You can create a customized assortment of Indian sweets for a sweet gift box for your food-loving friends and family.

The Baklava Box

Sweeten life, one Baklava box at a time! Baklava is a delicious sweet pastry that found its origin in the Middle East but is enjoyed in various forms in many countries around the world. The Baklava pastry is baked until golden and crisp, and then it’s soaked in a sweet syrup or honey so the Baklava layers can absorb the flavors, resulting in a rich, sweet, and nutty dessert. Ever tried Baklavas? Mind you, here, your calories are sure to skyrocket!

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Experience pure luxury with their premium Indian sweet boxes. These handcrafted delicacies are perfect for your gift-giving success. Whether it’s a special gift or a festive treat, sensory delights by The Baklava Box will make you fall in love with it even before you know it! 

The Chai Box

Quicklly celebrated the rich tradition of Chai with the world through The Chai Box. Deeply rooted in the essence of Chai, the brand offers you the finest black teas procured from India, Chai concentrate created using the highest-quality spices, and more. 

At The Chai Box, Chai is produced in small batches for consistently exceptional, pure, and premium quality. Browse through their premium tea blends, discover your sip, and experience nature’s best made with love and attention. 


T Salon offers you a delightful sensory experience with the finest gourmet blended organic, sustainable teas. Their aim is to encourage millions of people to live more intentionally by spreading the essence of the daily cup of tea and spreading the healing benefits of tea as a way of life to everyone in the world.

Their line of tea products includes organic Loose Leaf Teas, Iced tea, herbs and spices infused Tea Bags, Botanical Tub Teas that come with herbs possessing a remarkable ability to relax tired muscles, and more. 

Madhu Chocolates

Madhu Chocolates has a decadent menu of premium chocolate bars, chocolate spreads, and masala chai inspired by traditional Indian flavors. 

At At Madhu Chocolates, they believe that the journey from picking cacao beans to making the perfect chocolate bar is nothing short of sweet The brand takes pride in handcrafting each chocolate treat, ensuring every bite is a delectable experience that brings back smiles, fond memories, and leaves you with sticky fingers. Their offerings include Coconut Milk Cashew Bar, Cardamom Bar, Masala Chai with Parsley Crumbles Bar and more. 

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What sets Madhu Chocolates apart is its promise to cater for various dietary options. They offer a selection of gluten-free, vegan-free, dairy-free, and soy-free chocolates, ensuring everyone can enjoy their delightful treats.

The festive season is upon us, and Quicklly has something special to make your celebrations doubly delightful. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these Indian Chocolates, and give them nostalgic treats as Quicklly elevates your festive spirits.

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