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Top Skills and Traits That Can Make You Ideal for a Career in Social Media


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Finding a career path that excites you, that you feel passionate about, and that you also have natural skills in, can be a huge task. For some people, it can take years to determine what their perfect path is and others may never figure it out while they move from one job to the next. The ideal way to go about determining your perfect career path is to figure out what you love to do, and then transform that into a successful career if possible.

One interesting path you may want to consider is a career in social media. But what makes you perfect for this career path? Here are some of the skills and traits that can prove essential for building a successful career in social media.

You Have Excellent Communication Skills

This is a must-have above all else. To excel in social media you need to have excellent communication skills – written, oral and listening. These are the kinds of skills you can hone and perfect through higher education and training, but you still need to possess them at a raw level. 

A job in social media is a job in communication as you will be working to get across a specific message to the client, consumer or customer.

You’re Good with Data Analysis

Perhaps the less glamorous side of social media is the data collection and analysis. The fact is that if you aren’t tracking engagement and results, you will have no idea if your efforts are working. You need to be able to assess that data and figure out how to reach milestones and goals.

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You Are the Creative Type

Here’s something that you either have or you don’t. Sure, you can boost your creativity skills, but you need to at least be able to tap into that part of your brain. Creating successful social media campaigns and messaging is a tall task. Even when you think you’ve got the perfect idea, it doesn’t always land the way you think it will, so you need to be ready to pivot and try another idea. Creativity will serve you incredibly well in any social media career.

What Kind of Career Can You Look Into?

Possessing the skills and talent is one thing, but what kind of careers are available in social media? Because this is such a trending category right now, the career options are blossoming, which is good news for anyone eyeing. 

Some of the more popular jobs in social media that you may want to consider include:

  • Brand advocate
  • Brand manager
  • Content manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Public relations manager
  • Online communication director
  • Social media analyst
  • Social media specialist
  • Social media marketing manager

There are plenty of other options too in private companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. Generally speaking, a social media marketing director makes about $60,000/year when starting and can expect to make about $94,250 with experience. Having a master’s degree that focuses on social media will help you land a job and allow you to demand a higher salary.

Finding the perfect career requires you to keep your eyes open to possibilities, and tap into what you love and excel in.

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