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6 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Sales Aren’t Increasing


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The online shopping industry is going through a massive transformation as more and more people turn towards eCommerce stores to buy products. However, this has also increased challenges for the eCommerce industry. The rise of digitalization has tended to transform the way the majority of eCommerce stores operate. With many competitors competing in the market, an eCommerce business typically inherits strong competition in the market.

Due to the intense pressure inherent in the market and the ongoing pandemic, a business may possibly have to face stagnant sales, or even worse, its sales may plummet. This blog will discuss the main reasons why your sales aren’t increasing.

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Your business is not reaching out to its target audience

One major reason why eCommerce sales do not increase is that a business fails to target the right customers. Targeting the wrong market is a futile endeavor as it fails to result in conversions. Targeting the wrong audience implies that those people will not be interested in your products or services. Hence, all your marketing efforts to increase eCommerce sales will go in vain.

It is imperative that you design your products or services in line with the needs of your customers. However, before doing that, a business needs to know its target audience. Conducting market research to determine the target audience is crucial for increasing eCommerce sales. This way a business can reach out to its potential customers.

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Sales funnel not appropriately set for the customers

Another major reason why customers are turning away from your website is that your sales funnel has not been properly set up. Visitors will indeed fail to find the products or services they are looking for on your website if a sales funnel has not been set properly. This failure is one of the reasons why an eCommerce site is not selling.

A typical user who wants to buy a product or hire service will first see an advertisement.  If the ad interests the user, he will visit the website for the relevant product or service. After searching for the product on the website and checking out its price, the visitor will place an order.

If the sales funnel is not properly set up, the visitor will not be able to find the product on the page. It means the visitor will not take the next step and leave your website for another competitor offering the same product. This will result in a lack of a sale and lead to an increase in bounce rate. It will also decrease your website’s rankings in search engine results page.

Your website lacks credibility

If you want to further know why is my eCommerce site not selling then maybe you need to focus a little more on your website. A fact is that customers will not do business with you if they find it difficult to trust your website. In such a case, you need to find out the reason why your website lacks credibility.

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There are many steps you can take to foster trust with your potential customers. You can start by adding an SSL certificate to your website. It will increase your site’s credibility as an SSL certificate ensures your website is safe for transactions.

You may also use customers to promote your business with a positive image. You can ask them to give you a positive review or to write down a testimonial. Customers can be requested to promote your business on social media.

Your business will benefit a lot by ensuring all customer queries are answered quickly so that no negative feedbacks are posted against your company. Negative feedbacks are likely to turn visitors away from your website in the future.

Website is difficult to navigate

To answer your question of why is my eCommerce site not selling, we will bring your attention to one aspect of the website that is often overlooked – navigation.

According to research, a visitor on average spends between 10 to 20 seconds on a website. The situation is even more urgent at times as many users mostly tend to skim through a website. Thus the time attract a visitor’s attention is very short.

In case navigation of your website is difficult, then it will only deter the users from exploring your site further. Why would a visitor want to wait on your website when there are so many other options available? Hence, your website needs to have a simple design with easy-to-navigate options.

You need to focus on what the journey on your website would be like for a user. Users are more likely to stay longer on your website if they experience a flawless journey not marred by interruptions. An optimized website encourages visitors to stay longer and then move towards a purchase.

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It is also vital that you focus on an easy-to-navigate design on mobiles. Since the majority of searches are conducted on mobile phones, you need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly and offers the same navigation ease across all devices.

Not having an email list

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most productive ways of increasing eCommerce sales. Most of the eCommerce stores fail to have an email list which hurts their chances of doing business. Investing in lead generation is as important as investing in organic or paid channels. According to some research reports, email marketing offers the highest ROI.

As part of an upselling technique, your business needs to build an email list that will provide it access to a list of people who could be interested in your products and services. It will make your marketing efforts more fruitful and productive.

Prices are just too high

Last but not least, businesses need to ensure that their prices are not too high. Customers usually visit a few websites to determine the price of the product they want to buy. If they find the price you are charging is too high, they will move on to another website and buy from them. Since many price comparison websites exist on the internet, you need to carefully decide the price you will be charging.

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