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Reviews Of Varied Ways To Invest In Gold With Firms Like Lear Capital


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The precious metal, gold, is a rare physical commodity, one that is accepted virtually anywhere and one government is unable to reproduce, making it a prized investment for many who choose it for their retirement strategy. 

Regardless of the point in history, you choose to consider, any time there has been economic turmoil beginning with the “Great Depression” to the current day and the worldwide health crisis, gold has held its own, even appreciating in value, making it the ideal addition to a retirement portfolio. It can not only create a stable foundation but acts in a diversifying capacity.

Advisors recommend maintaining as much as 15% when the economy is in crisis, with two primary ways to invest, either in the physical commodity or securities. As a rule, many investors are choosing to put gold in an individual retirement account, reaping tax incentives and benefiting in the long term. 

When opting for a gold IRA, an investor needs to partner with a precious metal firm specializing in gold and other metals to ensure optimum service when inquiring about the commodities and assure quality products that meet IRS compliance. 

You can find firms like Lear Capital well versed in gold and other precious metals; check this Lear capital reviews, offering years of experience and knowledge beneficial for the average investor. It takes some time and research to avoid the possibility of scammers.

Can We Review The Varied Ways For Investing In Physical Gold

You’ll find varied sizes and forms for physical gold, each with different price points and unique characteristics. The IRS governs which products can be used for IRAs. With the right firm guiding your purchase, like Lear Capital, a seasoned vet in the industry, you can rest assured of compliance with your purchase. 

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Precious metal dealers like these display their precious metals in an organized platform to designate those that are IRA approved, so there’s no question. 

Plus, they have the expertise from their years in the industry to answer questions and provide information clients might not know. See here ways you can invest in gold products.

  • Gold bullion

Gold in bulk form is often referenced as bullion, typically appearing as “ingots or bars.” The difference between the two is that the production method for ingots is less costly, being “pressed” instead of “poured” like gold bars. This means that the bars will demand a more significant premium or additional price point over that of the “daily spot price” compared to the ingot.

The bullions are marked with “weight, origin, purity” and the location where they were minted. These can vary in size from as small as a wafer (¼ oz) to as great as an ingot, bar, or brick weighing over 400 oz.

All gold is not created equal, particularly regarding weight and purity. Gold for investments must be no less than 99.5% pure. The bullion bars can be purchased with precious metal dealers, or banks also sell these. 

The bank will typically provide the physical commodity with a lesser markup than you’ll find with a precious metal firm, but the problem is finding a branch with these available. Learn the anticipated price points of gold throughout 2022 at

  • Gold coin

Another option for buying physical gold is via minted coins, a common choice, but the IRA-approved coins are not collectible, rare old coins collected by numismatists. The approved options are new government mints for investment with prices dependent on the gold in the coin or the “melt value” along with a premium ranging as high as 5%.

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Many investors will purchase what is the most broadly circulated among the coins and those readily identified, although it’s the goal for many governments to achieve maximum liquidity. Among the most coveted for investors include:

  1. South African Krugerrand
  2. American Gold Eagle
  3. Canadian Maple Leaf
  4. Australian Gold Nugget

You can find bullion coins (minted) with brokerage firms, major bank institutions, coin dealers, and with precious metal dealers. Depending on who you decide to work with, it’s vital to do research to ensure legitimacy. It’s not uncommon for there to be scammers in the industry. 

You’ll want to look for experience, years working with precious metals, an understanding of IRA and IRS guidelines, and reputation. Definitely check authoritative sites like the Better Business Bureau to look for complaints, potential investigations or charges against the company, or other misdeeds.

Final Thought

Physical gold placed in an IRA is often the preferred choice for investors who opt to add the commodity to their retirement portfolio. It often becomes the topic of investment conversations most readily when the economy is threatened, or there is political uncertainty. 

Still, as a diversifier for holdings, the addition just makes sense as part of the retirement strategy overall. Advisors will recommend keeping the gold holdings minimal to avoid risk, but that will likely have to depend on your personal tolerance for risk and the strength of your portfolio. 

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