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Wondering How to Have a Secure Future? Simple, By Investing in the Present


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The unpredictability of the future is something that we all get anxious about. As we grow older, we look for security more and more. And in today’s high inflation and consistently rising prices in every sphere of mundane life, the happy future we dream of isn’t so easy to achieve. 

Jobs provide security for the present time, but what about the future? Well, the answer to that is investments. 

You may have heard that food, clothing, and shelter are the most basic necessities. But you need to invest properly right now to afford these three in your later life.

When you do that, you ensure that when life gives you lemons, you’ll have the juicer by your side.

So, here are 5 solid investment tips you can follow to have a better and secure future:

  • Proper budgeting 

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to create and maintain budgets. A budget will give you insights and help you plan to be more financially productive. 

You may have seen your mom keeping a monthly budget for all the regular things.

That’s exactly what you need to do, but with more diverse categories.

It’s all about postponing some expenses so that the more urgent ones are in your focus, getting an indication of where exactly you’ve been spending your money, and reacting to it by cutting down some of the more fallible ones.

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Out of all these, the postponement makes the most sense. You may want many things in life, but the virtue of patience is damn necessary. Budgeting is a good way to do that. Postpone buying those expensive non-urgent things, and concentrate on growing your savings.

You never know, you can well afford those things and much more in your future. 

Your lifestyle also plays a part here. Your budget will include many more things if you’ve lofty lifestyle standards.

But budgeting helps both rich and poor, it’s about practicing containment, and that’s helpful for every financial strata. 

  • Better investments

Keep in mind that you’ll probably need much more money in the future to maintain the same lifestyle, and you’ll definitely need a good sum of money to fulfill some of your dreams; you need to invest in the present to attain all of those successfully.

You need to grow your money sustainably and with as little risk as possible. For that, you can look at term deposits, fixed income investments, government bonds, stocks and shares, funds managed by professional investors, ETFs, annuities, LIC (Listed Investment Companies), and REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts), gold, and even cryptocurrency.

Some of these are about very low-risk but smaller returns, some are stable but potentially bigger returns, some need hired help, and some need a bit of luck on your side. 

But if you plan well and learn about them, each can help you build your wealth to enjoy a secure and luxurious future.

  • Get indemnity

Indemnity covers unexpected losses and significant expenses on behalf of you. When you get indemnity insurance, the company gives you guaranteed compensation for any financial loss you’ve suffered.

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It’s constructed to protect professionals in high-risk environments and business owners when they make mistakes or misjudge the outcome. 

Professionals in financial or legal services should have indemnity because it exempts them from the enormous liability of even bigger damages. Financial advisors, agents of insurance companies, accountants, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and even doctors can take advantage of this. 

Most financial planning services recommend getting indemnity insurance if all hell breaks loose and you find yourself in deep dark troubles.

  • Look after your health.

Your future is only secure when you’re healthy and capable of enjoying life to its fullest. For that to happen, you need to get health insurance today.

No one knows how the future will pan out. And the medical expenses in every corner of the world are soaring exponentially, and experts have opined that these prices will get even crazier.

That’s why you need good life insurance for yourself and your family to protect against these expenses, as they can eat out your whole life’s savings in mere months. 

Take into account your location and some hospitals and institutions you trust. Then make sure that your health insurance provides coverage there too. 

  • Save for your future.

You need to plan not only yours but your family’s future too. So, divide your goals into fragments like short-term, long-term, retirement, and emergency funds.

For long-term goals, the best bet is a proper financial investment. However, short-term goals need an interactive understanding of the market.

Save big for your retirement because you’ll need much more at that time to live as you do now or better than now. Also, create an emergency fund that’s highly liquid in nature (like cash or bank savings) to react to any unforeseen circumstance better.

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You also need to plan for your family and have the required budget for things like a better home, a better car, children’s education, etc. 


A secure future is a dream everybody has. But in this rapidly changing world full of economic depressions and disasters, you need solid plans to make yourself immune to these.

That’s easier said than done, though.

So, do the correct things here and now. It’s your only shot at having a peaceful and content life in the future. 

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