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Ronald Smith Reveals New Girlfriend Following Split from Tiffany Franco


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Few couples in 90 Day Fiance history have been as divisive and volatile as Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith, and we don’t say that likely.

Even after marrying, their breakups and reconciliations were too numerous to count.

This summer, however, Tiffany and Ronald ended things for good … and now Ronald is making it official.

He has debuted his new girlfriend, packing on the PDA to show the world — and his ex-wife — how serious things are.

Ronald Smith took to Instagram to share a one-minute video, which we have included here.

“Let me introduce everyone to the new person in my life,” he wrote to his fans and followers.

Ronald continued: “@laurenleightonfraser you picked me up when i was down l!”

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 01

“You are a true pillar for me,” Ronald wrote to Lauren.

He expressed: “I appreciate you and who you are!”

“You’re such a support for me,” Ronald praised, “and every moment with you is such a joy and a pleasure”

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 03

“i enjoy every moment ]every time],” Ronald wrote.

He added: “thank you for who you are in my life and thank you for being part of my life.”

The video had similar energy, showing cute moments of the two of them, including some very flagrant displays of affection.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 06

Clearly, Ronald has moved on after his split from Tiffany.

This sets this apart from, frankly, an embarrassing array of past breakups that seem a little messier than a married couple with children should have on their relationship resume.

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Ronald, still in South Africa, has moved on.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 02

Now that he has gone Instagram Official with Lauren with that montage, how does Tiffany feel?

“Ronald and I are no longer together,” Tiffany clarified on Instagram on Tuesday.

“But,” she added, “we are still married on paper.”

“We did file for the separation or whatever,” Tiffany continued.

“But,” she admitted, “nothing is really in concrete yet.”

They are in a space where exes feel like they are in relationship limbo, and may be on different pages regarding what is and is not appropriate.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 05

That is clearly the case here.

Lauren traveled to South Africa to visit Ronald, which is how they came up with all of this footage.

Tiffany expressed that the visit was “out of line, cause he’s still a married man.”

Tiffany continued, voicing her plan to “hold [her] head up high” despite some complicated feelings.

“I’m not the kind to like, be in these nasty, messy situations,” she said.

Tiffany added: “I’m not meant to be in a relationship like this. It’s really weird.”

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 09

“I’ve never dealt with somebody who’s like this, a cheater,” Tiffany continued.

She added: “I don’t deal with these kind of women.”

Tiffany said: “It just takes a special kind of person to be with someone when they’re still married, but, whatever.”

“She’s a pretty girl. She’s pretty cute, and he does look happy,” Tiffany admitted.

She affirmed her plans to not “bash” Ronald, but admitted that it does hurt.

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“It’s painful. It’s hurtful,” Tiffany noted. “But a woman like me has no choice but to be strong.”

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 07

Tiffany also asked fans to stop DMing her Ronald’s video to make sure that she sees it.

Understandably, she is “not interested” in seeing her estranged husband “sucking on someone’s neck.”

Tiffany declared: “I’m not going to let this hurt me more than it already has.”

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 04

Obviously, how fans react to all of this likely depends upon how they feel about the two stars.

Ronald’s fans are happy that he’s found someone new and think that Tiffany is trashy for responding.

Tiffany’s fans feel sorry for her but hope that Ronald’s moving on is at least the final nail in the coffin of their marriage so that Tiffany can be free.

Ronald Smith and Lauren Fraser 08

The truth here is that they both kind of suck in this moment in time, and that’s normal.

In many ways, their relationship problems were rooted in some of Ronald’s failures, but Tiffany shared some blame for the way that their conflicts would blow up.

Right now, history is repeating itself. Ronald could have gone IG official in a more sensitive way, and Tiffany could have been more mature about her ex moving on.


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