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Scott Disick: Flirting With KHLOE Kardashian Following Kourtney’s Engagement?!


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Scott Disick seems to be having a tough time these days.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Kourtney Kardashian got engaged to Travis Barker last month, and to say that Scott isn’t handling it well would be the understatement of th century.

Insiders say that Scott hates Travis, but he would likely be just as upset no matter who popped the question to his ex.

Scott had apparently hoped that he and Kourtney would one day get back together, but now that clearly won’t be the case.

However, that’s not the only reason that Disick is upset about being forced to the margins of his ex’s life.

You see, Scott has remained close with Kourtney’s family, and it seems that he’s not as tight with her mom and sisters now that Travis has taken his place as the number one man in Kourtney’s life.

There was a time when Scott was focused on coming between Kourtney and Travis, or at least making life more difficult for the couple.

Now, however, it seems that Scott has shifted his focus to ensuring that he’ll be able to remain at least somewhat involved with Kourtney’s family.

Last week we reported on the news that Disick was seeking comfort from Kris Jenner in the wake of Kourtney’s engagement news.

Now, it seems that Scott has been partying with Khloe Kardashian — and his latest remarks about Kourt’s sister have some fans thinking these two might have taken their relationship to the next level.

Scott, Khloe

Scott posted the photo above over the weekend, and while his followers were surprised to see him hanging out with Khloe, it was the caption that really got them talking:

“I’m sorry, but not sorry @khloekardashian is so gorg,” Disick wrote.

Scott doesn’t seem to have a very good handle on the “sorry, not sorry” meme, but we know what he’s trying to say.

Scott and Khloe have always been close friends, but it’s not often that they hang out just the two of them, and Scott comments on Khloe’s appearance.

This development is especially surprising following news that Scott felt betrayed by Khloe after she failed to give him advance notice of Kourtney’s engagement.

It seems that these two have managed to set their bad feelings aside, but we doubt that they’ve become more than just friends.

For starters, as far as anyone knows, Khloe is still in a relationship with Tristan Thompson.

On top of that, she’s about 20 years older than the women Scott has been dating recently.

But that doesn’t mean Scott wasn’t trying to make Kourtney jealous with his suggestive caption.

According to a recent report from Life & Style, Scott might be back on good terms with most of the Kardashian clan, but he’s still not getting along with Kourtney,

“Scott and Kourtney are friendly in front of the kids and at family gatherings, but behind closed doors, they’ve been secretly clashing for a while and barely talk,” a source told the tabloid. 

“The arguing started shortly after Kourt and Travis began dating and she’s accusing Scott of being jealous that she’s moved on and found love.”

Sounds like it might be a while before the exes are able to get there co-parenting relationship back on track.

But in the meantime, at least Scott still has the support of Kourtney’s sisters.

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