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Scott Disick: Suffering Breakdown Following Kourtney Kardashian Engagement News?


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It seems like the whole world knew that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker would get engaged eventually.

Hell, these two are so enamored with one another that we’re surprised Travis didn’t pop the question on the first date.

But apparently, news of the engagement came as quite a surprise to Scott Disick.

And it seems that Kourtney’s baby daddy is not handling the situation well.

Scott and the Barkers

We’ve known for a while that Scott disapproves of Kourtney and Travis’ relationship.

Some have even gone so far as to say that Scott hates Travis.

That might sound a bit hyperbolic, but given the way Disick has behaved since learning about his ex’s new dude, it might also be completely accurate.

As we reported earlier this week, social media commenters have been roasting Scott over Kourtney’s engagement, but it seems that Disick is struggling with the news even without the unsolicited input from strangers.

“Scott is going crazy,” a source close to the situation tells Page Six.

“He’s going to go off the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.”

Scary stuff — although to be fair, it sounds like it’s already been pretty dark.

Apparently, the situation was made worse by the fact that Kourtney didn’t give Scott any sort of advance notice before she posted news of the engagement on social media.

“He found out about the engagement on the internet and was reeling when Instagram and social media blew up over it,” a different insider tells In Touch.

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Now, Kourtney certainly doesn’t owe Scott anything in this situation, but we can see why he might have been expecting a heads up before she went public with such a major development in her life.

Even so, the mature move would have been for Scott to swallow his pride and offer his congratulations to the happy couple.

But it doesn’t seem like he’s capable of taking the high road here.

And unfortunately, Disick’s pettiness is beginning to affect his and Kourtney’s formerly peaceful co-parenting relationship.

“Scott and Kourtney are friendly in front of the kids and at family gatherings, but behind closed doors, they’ve been secretly clashing for a while and barely talk,” one source tells Life & Style.

“The arguing started shortly after Kourt and Travis began dating, and she’s accusing Scott of being jealous that she’s moved on and found love.”

We might be more sympathetic if Scott and Kourtney had recently broken up and she quickly moved on to a new relationship.

But these two went their separate ways back in 2015, and Scott has dated multiple teenagers in the years since.

It’s sort of unfair for him to act like he’s been totally blindsided by this.

But whether she has Scott’s approval or not, it seems that Kourtney is currently on cloud nine.

“Her sisters say they’ve never seen Kourtney this crazy in love,” a third insider raved.

“Kris [Jenner] is ecstatic that her oldest daughter is this happy … It’s an exciting time for Kourtney, and no one deserves it more than her.”

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Yes, it sounds like everyone is happy except for Scott.

He should probably figure out a way to rid himself of his jealousy, otherwise, he’ll be the only one who’s not invited to the wedding!


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