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Scott Disick: Will He Be Invited to Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker’s Wedding?


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It’s been over a month since Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged, and naturally, fans are dying to know everything there is to know about the wedding planning process.

Unfortunately, Kravis is keeping mum about the preparations.

We still don’t know when Travis and Kourtney are getting married, but we know that the wedding is likely to happen before the end of the year.

Insiders say the Kardashians want the wedding to be featured on the first season of their new Hulu reality show, which is currently filming.

So it’s safe to say that the vows will be exchanged before the end of the year.

Perhaps Travis and Kourtney are planning a Christmas or New Year’s Eve ceremony?

Whatever the case, you can be certain that the guest list will be very carefully curated.

Scott, Kravis

And not surprisingly, it seems that the father of Kourtney’s three children will not be in attendance.

Yes, according to a new report from Hollywood Life, Scott Disick “isn’t invited and won’t be invited.”

That’s probably for the best, given the rumors that Disick flat-out hates Barker and has been trash-talking Kourtney’s fiancé to just about anyone who will listen.

“Kourtney is of the mindset that she is going towards her future, and the past with Scott shouldn’t be there on her special day,” says a source close to the situation.

“[The] likelihood of Scott being a part of Kourtney’s wedding in any way is pretty nonexistent.”

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A different insider explains that Kourtney hasn’t even considered inviting Scott, as she feels that doing so would be disrespectful to everyone involved.

“[Kourtney] doesn’t think it would be appropriate,” the second source explains.

And apparently, that’s fine by Scott, who would decline the invitation if it were extended to him.

Scott “would never go in a million years,” says the insider.

“There is no way that Scott would be invited because the last thing that Kourtney wants is drama at her wedding. He is so unpredictable,” the source adds.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it seems that Scott’s reasons for keeping his distance have less to do with Travis than with his lingering feelings toward Kourtney.

“Even if he was invited, he would not go,” the insider says.

“He could have had this with Kourtney, and he will have to live with that regret forever.”

Adding to the difficulty for Scott is the fact that Kourtney’s entire family — including her children — is just as excited about the wedding as she is.

“The kids are super happy about this, as is Kourtney’s entire family,” the source says.

“They adore Travis and they love their blended family.”

The insider adds Scott had been “distancing himself a little bit from the Kardashian family because he feels excluded” following the engagement, calling the situation a “bitter pill to swallow.”

Until recently, Scott was extremely close to Kourtney’s entire family, but it appears that that’s no longer the case.

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In fact, sources say that Scott feels betrayed by Khloe Kardashian — who had been his closest ally within the Kard clan — for failing to warn him that the engagement was coming.

Earlier this month, however, Disick met up with Kris Jenner for lunch, and witnesses say a Hulu camera crew was on hand to document the occasion.

So Scott will be participating in the family’s newest project — just don’t expect to see him in the climactic wedding episode.

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