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Security and Privacy Concerns of 5G Network


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Security and Privacy Concerns of 5G Network

5G technology is considered to be revolutionary with its ultra-high speed and low latency. It is designed with a higher capacity to connect everyone and everything. 5G technology has facilitated businesses to automate processes that they could not have before the advent of 5G technology. High-speed internet connections like the Spectrum one plan are appropriate for domestic use while the 5G technology is especially beneficial in the commercial sector, yet having a 5G connection at home on affordable connectivity program, it will further enhance the internet experience for technology lovers.

5G technology has many advantages but several security and privacy concerns should be taken into consideration. 

5G Security 

As more and more businesses are opting for 5G technology, it is important to consider 5G security concerns. Although security was kept primary while developing 5G yet its vulnerability cannot be denied as it connects with a large number of other devices. 

The 5 core features of 5G security were drawn to be privacy, secure communication, security assurance, identity management, and resilience. However, the 5G security must be revised according to the new risks unveiled. 

Security Risks 

Internet Attack – As the number of devices attached to 5G is very high, it increases its vulnerability to external threats and attacks. The loopholes in the security of the devices attached expose them to more security risks such as data theft and privacy intervention. 

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IoT – IoT devices do not have inbuilt security therefore an increase in the number of IoT devices increases the level of risk. 

Network Visibility – With 5G’s growing popularity, more and more people are joining the network to benefit from it. As a result, there is congestion on the network. SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is required by companies to examine the traffic for any threats or risks. 

Software – 5G is more reliant on its software than any other internet connection, therefore any fault in software increases its vulnerability to threats. 

5G Security Enhancement  

Some of the security enhancement features of 5G are listed below. 

Identity Encryption– Identity encryption in 5G safeguards connection from hacking devices. 

Virtual Hardware – 5G has smarter software and virtual hardware that enables ease of operation. Data is transferred through virtual access points and switches. 

Edge Computing – Edge computing enables 5G to process data closer to the device for improved security as opposed to cloud computing which requires traveling to a faraway server. 

These security enhancements enable: 

  • Ease in business operations outside the main company office 
  • Secure access for managing businesses remotely through mobile phones 
  • Protection against mobile threats 
  • Provide a secure connection to all applications and provide user protection for alternative networks 
  • Recommend immediate remediation in case of an intervention 
  • Efficiently deploy alternative networks when needed providing a secure connection to all applications 

Privacy Concerns 

All internet users are concerned about the privacy of their identity, location, and other personal information. Unlike 4G which covers a wide area and is operated by a single tall cellular tower,5G internet has a limited area and so it requires base stations placed outdoors and indoors along with many small antennas to catch and retrieve strong signals. 

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Mobile devices can easily detect the location of the cellular tower and the antennas in use which reveals information about the location of the user. Every time a user connects to the 5G network mobile networks can exactly tell the location of the user as precisely as the house they are in. 

Data theft is also concerning for 5G users. All apps installed on smartphones require some personal information. There is no mention of how the data will be used or stored. 5G data has cloud-based storage which is subject to data breaches, as different countries have different cyber laws.5G operators cannot secure data stored on cloud. Therefore it is not completely possible to secure data in all parts of the world. 

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