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Should You Offer Employee Counseling? An HR Guide


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One survey found that approximately 40% of workers report feeling very or extremely stressed at their jobs. While this stress is caused by different factors and leads to different problems, it’s causing problems at work.

Did you know that employee counseling can help solve workplace problems related to stress?

In this article, we help you decide whether to offer counseling for employees. We also discuss the benefits and how to get started with employee assistance. Continue reading to help your business grow.

The Benefits of Employee Counseling

If you want to decide whether to offer employee counseling, it’s important to first consider the benefits of employee counseling and who they apply to. These programs aren’t just beneficial for employees.

The benefits of employee counseling apply to employees, employers, and the companies they work for. It deals with workplace problems, personal problems, and personal problems that affect the workplace.

Finding Solutions to Problems

Employee assistance programs help employees gain a new perspective. This is essential in helping them solve their personal or workplace problems on their own. It also helps them realize when it’s time to ask for help.

Better Employee Retention

Employee counseling makes employees feel valued by their employers and teaches them how to solve issues in the workplace. These can help improve your company’s employee retention rate and lower turnover.

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Improved Performance

Personal and workplace problems can lead to a distracted employee. Communication between your team can decline as well. Employee counseling works through these problems so employees can stay focused on the floor.

How to Solve Issues in the Workplace

Now that you understand the benefits of counseling for employees, you need to learn how to solve issues in the workplace using counseling as a tool. This involves three steps: plan ahead, act quickly, and follow up.

Plan Ahead

The first step is to identify the reason for the session. This falls into one of the four categories listed below.

  • Understanding performance issues
  • Disciplining performance issues
  • Offering assistance for personal issues
  • Stress management

If you aren’t sure where to start with employee counseling, HCM can offer support with HR consulting services. They can help you develop a cohesive plan to help employees in need.

Act Quickly

Once you identify an ongoing issue, you have to act quickly to prevent it from getting worse or affecting others. Let the employee know what’s going on and schedule a time for the session so they have time to prepare.

Once in the session, give the employee plenty of space to discuss their perspective before jumping in. Listening and learning should be your priority. Then, you can work on workplace problem resolution.

Follow Up as Needed

After you set goals with your employee, it’s time to step back and see how they improve. Whether you see their performance regularly or not, you should plan to follow up with them at least once to see how they feel.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Employee Counseling

The benefits of employee counseling extend to employees, their coworkers, and their employers. If you want to make your work environment more positive while improving retention rates, offer counseling for employees.

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