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Some Unknown Facts about MTO News


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Are you crazy about Western Entertainment news? Why not! Everyone wants to stay updated with the current situation. No doubt, the entertainment industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It pertains to entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and culture. MediaTakeOut is a website related to the African American entertainment industry. The big name and fame have made it one of the most popular genres in the world. The website targets celebrities with a focus on African American culture.

We know very few of you hardly know about it. Don’t worry, in this article we are going to discuss some unknown facts about this website that will amaze you.

About the website

Year of foundation: 2006

Revenue: seven million dollars

Type: Entertainment news website

Founder: Fred Mwangaguhunga

Headquartered: USA

Competitors:, and larger urban media like BET

Popularity: High

Credibility: Low

Get to know about its Founder

This website is founded by Fred Mwangaguhunga in 2006. He aimed to publish entertainment news for African American audiences. He was a former cooperative lawyer. After leaving his profession, he had a hard time with MTO News creation and development. After their creation, he turned to write about celebrity news and media in blogs. Soon, became an overnight sensation, a few months after its launch. In 2022, it will be in the top 20,000 websites in the world. Today, it is more famous due to breaking the news and stories about Urban celebrities.

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Success factors that make it popular

MTO News

What do you think! Which are the main features of this website that are making it famous worldwide? Let’s elaborate on them!

  1. Written in a blog-style

The founder launched this site as a blog-style website, and still, all the news is in a simple blog style. Few are the main advantages of this blog-style website.

  • The tone of the writer is informal, which is a key factor in attracting its readers.
  • Unlike the traditional Word Press theme, the creator used a custom CMS.
  • That’s why on this website, you will get the latest news about African American culture in blog style.
  • All the content or news is available in the English language.
  • For more updates, you will need a subscription plan for this website.
  1. Outsourced by Other Publications

First of all, the founder used exclusive content on his website to attract readers. Thus, views and readership are increasing, making the website more profitable.  The headlines published by this website are purchasing various other big names like

  • CNN
  • NBC
  • People
  • The New York Post
  • TMZ
  1. Captivating contents

The website is guaranteed to provide exclusive entertainment content for readers. The founder is publishing breaking news in the form of captivating articles. The site is sharing news, photographs, blogs, gossip, and much more on urban culture.

Thus, the author is continuously attracting readers by fascinating American superstars in one domain. 

  1. Engaged audience

The success of this website is based on these specific factors.


  • Its focus on readership
  • Its strong brand credibility

Earlier, Mr. Mwanguguahinga sought help from Facebook and Twitter. He focused on building the best readership rather than monetizing it immediately. This portfolio has allowed the site to grow in such a manner that it caters to its audience. Furthermore, the content of celebrity news drove more traffic toward urban culture. Mwangaguhunga recognized this and took the blog in that direction.

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Due to its most engaged audience, the site has become more profitable.

Is mto news credible?

This blog-style news site focuses on the latest news and celebrity gossip. But most of the news originated from TMZ or Western Reporters. But people suspect the mto news credibility. Sometimes they are reporting rumors through social media that didn’t exist at all. 

Most of mto news releases support the right, i.e. they published a medical video story of a patient. 

Although most stories support the left. Like during covid 19, the site published some misinformation. such as DMX dying from a heart attack after the Covid vaccine. Later, people found no evidence stated by the hospital and his family about his death. Thus, this website is also labeled as mtonews fake. publishes the unsourced gossip and stories. And makes false claims. Most of its news and stories are fake. That’s why it is assuming to be fake news. 

 We also rate low for factorial reporting due to poor and low sourcing.

Future Model of mto news

Like other websites, is also generating revenue through advertising. Its main advertisers are its huge traffic who are subscribing to the website content. With the growing social media, users are reading the latest news in different ways. They are posting news on news feeds instead of mtonews releases. mto news is looking forward to building the new platforms. So that it keeps its readers entertained.

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