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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Expecting Baby #2! [Report]


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In the summer of 2020, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child.

It was a welcome surprise, even if it took some processing for those of us who watched them both “grow up” over the years.

Now, they have more good news on the horizon.

Sophie and Joe are reportedly expecting Baby #2!

Echoing similar reports elsewhere, multiple sources tell In Touch Weekly that yes, Sophie Turner is pregnant.

Despite rumors of pregnancy and being spotted with an apparent baby bump, she has not confirmed it.

An inside source says that Sophie is “proud of her bump” despite not making a formal announcement just yet.

Sophie, the insider explained, is a “private person.”

“And,” the source continued, she “won’t make an official announcement about the pregnancy until she’s ready.”

The insider did furnish a detail, noting that “she is almost halfway through” her pregnancy.

Sophie and Joe’s first child, Willa, was born in the summer of 2020.

The Game of Thrones alum is pregnant with her second child at only 26, which among Millennials makes her unusually young as a parent.

But in addition to 32-year-old Joe being a more common age for new parents, the couple also has the means to care for children, which also sets them apart.

The source shared that the couple “are absolutely ecstatic” about the pregnancy.

“And,” the insider shared, they “can’t wait for Willa to have a sibling.”

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Many parents agree that a 2-year age gap gives children just enough breathing room to bond as siblings without stepping on each other’s toes.

A second source shared that the two are looking forward to “picking a name.”

This is something “which they aren’t sharing with anyone until the baby arrives.”

The insider added that this “is what they’re really excited about.”

It is well know that Joe and Sophie already love being parents to Willa, devoting their time and energy to their precious toddler.

Additionally, Joe has received praise for his involvement with their sweet little girl.

Not all parents put in the same amount of time with their kids, but they know that these milestones and bonding moments only happen once.

Additionally, it has long been reported that Joe and Sophie liked the idea of a second child from the start.

Just months after Willa was born, when Sophie was likely still recovering from childbirth, they were reportedly talking over Willa getting a younger sibling.

One child helped to cement their bond as a couple. They reportedly hoped that growing their family would lead to happiness all around.

Other reports have described Joe as doting on Sophie at all times, particularly when she is pregnant.

They are both professionals in the entertainment industry who began working when they were still children themselves.

But everybody needs help sometimes, and stories of Joe waiting on Sophie hand and foot — or at least being willing to — are certainly heartwarming.

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With eyewitnesses having spotted Sophia at the beach with what could almost only be a baby bump, it feels like a matter of time before they confirm it.

But we should all remember that, though it is only natural that people are interested in their lives, they don’t have to announce anything.

That said … we will be interested in learning what Willa’s younger sibling’s name ends up being.


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