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Stassi Schroeder: SLAMMED By Vanderpump Rules Fans For Attempting to Cash In On Race Scandal


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Back in June of 2020, Stassi Schroeder was fired from Vanderpump Rules, and while the New Orleans native was likely the show’s most beloved cast member, not many fans objected to her termination.

That’s because Stassi and her on-again, off-again sidekick Kristen Doute had been accused of some truly reprehensible behavior.

The dastardly duo called the cops on Faith Stowers, their sole Black castmate, and falsely accused her of a number of robberies in the West Hollywood area.

When Faith recounted the incident during a podcast interview, Stassi and Kristen were rightfully fired.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were also fired for the sh-tty behavior of their own, and for a while, it was rumored that Vanderpump would be canceled by Bravo.

Instead, the show bounced back with a surprisingly entertaining ninth season.

Now, Stassi is attempting to bring herself back from the brink of permanent cancelation, and so far it’s not going too well.

Over the weekend, Schroeder announced that she’ll be releasing her second memoir, a sequel to her 2019 book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook, which became a surprise bestseller.

“It’s no secret I’ve made some big mistakes and have been called out for them, but I’ve also done a lot of reflecting and learning…and writing,” Stassi wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the book’s cover.

“By writing this book, I hope to shed some light on what happened with me, but my real hope is that my stories can help someone else find their way out of their own worst times…and maybe laugh at my expense along the way,” the 33-year-old continued.

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Schroeder’s publisher, Gallery Books, shared a similarly sunny announcement. 

“The year 2020 was going to be the best year of Stassi’s life. Besides getting engaged and feeling like she was on top of the world career-wise, she bought her first house and was planning her dream Italian wedding,” read a statement from th Simon & Schuster imprint.

“The future showed so much freaking promise—until it all went to hell,” the book’s description continued.

“Stassi may not be perfect—she may have made some (major) mistakes—but she does feel like she has some insight (and plenty of hilarious tales) about getting knocked up, called out, and learning from what went wrong.”

We here at The Hollywood Gossip believe that with the exception of extreme cases, there should always be a road to redemption for those who f–ked up colossally but have since dedicated themselves to growth and change. 

But it’s hard to imagine a more tone-deaf comeback attempt than the one that Stassi is attempting to pull off here.

Nothing about her expressions of remorse have seemed sincere, and for this book to come out so soon after the Faith incident, Stassi must have started working on it almost immediately after she got canned.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time for remorse and honest self-reflection.

What Stassi did to Faith is absolutely appalling, and her attempt to portray herself as the victim in all of this is downright gross.

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Thankfully, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Schroeder was called out big-time in the comments on her latest post.

“Rock bottom? You’re healthy, have a beautiful family, and more than enough money to live,” one person wrote.

“I’ve been really rooting for you- although I was super hurt by what went down with you..this doesn’t feel right,” another added.

“Your ability to profit off of your cancellation for acts of racism is astounding!” a third chimed in.

“Capitalizing on this only further exploits the [people of color] that you hurt in the first place. This is so lame,” a fourth commenter observed.

The timing is bad, the tone is bad, the attempt to reframe the conversation so that it centers on Stassi instead of Faith is really, really bad.

Stassi Sales

But if you’re a fan of Ms. Schroeder’s fear not …

… She also shared a screenshot from Amazon showing that her book is already performing well in pre-sales.

So it looks as though Stassi won’t be forced to suffer any real consequences for her actions.

Frankly, we’d be much more interested in hearing Faith’s side of all this.

After all, Stassi has been boring us with the perpetrator’s perspective for months now.


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