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Stay away from these popular living room design and decor blunders


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If you are thinking that living room decoration mistakes are rare then look closely at your living room and there are maximum chances that you will spot at least two to three design and decoration blunders. Although there is always a formulaic set of furniture to include like sofa sets, coffee tables, or puffs, even the most successful schemes have subtle differences that can be the difference between an average and awe-inspiring look. 

There are many living room decor ideas hovering on the internet but it all boils down to what you want to keep in your living room and which type of feel you are expecting from it. The novices in the world of decoration and design succumb to the alluring ideas that look alluring on the internet in high-quality pictures but upon implementation, you end up griping about your decision. 

It’s true that there is nobody better than an interior designer to quiz on the dos and don’ts of living room decoration but this doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow him or her. To help you in building a perfect living room, we have come up with a list of living room decor and design mistakes that you should always keep at bay. 

Lying to your personality 

There are always a few designs that everyone needs to follow while working on the living room decoration but the one thing that you should always hold on to is your own preference and style statement. If a funky-looking theme doesn’t match your liking, chances are you will get fed up with it very quickly and start planning for renovation. 

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You should always keep your personality on the top of the priority list otherwise you will end up stuffing your room with Viking home decor items while your personality matches the classic and simple look. 

You might wish to take a look at the current trends while planning on living room decor but it is always better to stick with your own preference. If you are completely unsure about where to start, you can consult an interior expert and get an idea about how to begin on the right foot. 

Skipping patterns and sticking with a minimalistic scheme 

The most basic parts of a minimalistic design in the living room are no clutters, streamlined furniture, and bare walls. But if you are avoiding patterns and avoiding playing around with the minimalist scheme then you are making the biggest mistake of your life.

You always have an option of incorporating an alluring print design as there are many wallcoverings in the print category that can blend seamlessly with the interior of your living room and you can also try to retain the paired-back look while experimenting with wallcoverings. 

Apart from this, you should focus on a better selection of furniture while planning for living room decor even with a minimalistic design. 

Using a single main light 

Making this lighting mistake is much easier than you think. The single big light at the center of your living room can keep casting its cold light and can make even the most enticing home decors look dull and boring. 

You should avoid using a single overhead light at the center of your living room and use a number of localized lamps to give a more aesthetic effect to your living room. The single source of light offers a pooled effect and it doesn’t blend with any of the popular themes of the living room. 

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With localized lamps, you can create a layer of lighting in the living room. This is one of the most popular living room designs that is even preferred by professional interior designers. You also have the option of using dimmer lights according to the occasion and it will give you better control over which part of the living room you want to keep bright. 

Also, wall lights are a great option as they add an extra layer to the overhead but it should never be used as the main source of light since they look good when they are dim only. 

Skipping the scale 

One should always invest some time drafting the floor plan before embarking on the journey of making the living room better. You don’t need to have a degree in architecture to come up with a floor plan as just a simple sketch of all the rooms with their specific dimension will do the job. 

Floor plans help you better visualize your interior and thus you can make a better selection. From sofa set and coffee table to restricting paintings and wall lights, everything should be picked up from the online platform according to the floor plan as this is the basics of all living room designs.

The biggest blunder you can make is in the case of furniture since furniture scales can be deceiving on the online platform. It is a better idea to block the dimension and the placement of the potential pieces with painter’s tape on the floor before buying anything online. 

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Avoiding amalgamation of old and new pieces

Many people are always rigid about their living room design and they either want to keep the classic look or the modern look as an amalgamation of both is out of the question. But you can try mixing old and new pieces to give a more unique look to the room. There are many interior designers out there who are known for offering a mix of both and new pieces in the living room. 

Whether it is the furniture in the living room that was there when the house was built or the newly bought wall light, everything can be blended perfectly if you know the basics of decorating the living room. 

The living room is the most happening place in the house as right from guests to family gatherings, everything and everyone meets in the living room. So, why keep the most happening part of your house dull and stick with the living room decor mistakes when you have so many options to breathe a new life into it?

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