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Stephanie Matto Hospitalized: I Have to Quit Selling Fart Jars!


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90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto’s flatulence fortune has been making headlines.

This “fart jar” business has, she revealed, sent her to the hospital with alarming symptoms, fearing for her life.

This odd health crisis, Stephanie says, is forcing her to retire from this foul enterprise.

Unfortunately, she is also launching a product that is much worse.

Stephanie Matto jars tiktok 01

Recently, Stephanie Matto experienced painful pressure, akin to pinching, in the center of her chest.

Naturally, she feared for her life, and sought immediate medical attention.

As it turned out, it was a false alarm … with a very specific cause.

Doctors performed blood tests and did an EKG to determine the source of her pain.

The culprit turned out to be excess gas forcing its way up her esophagus.

Yes, she had to burp. And the reason behind it was her new, special diet to keep her “fart jar” business going.

Stephanie Matto jars tiktok 02

Stephanie Matto spoke to Jam Press about her experience.

“I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments,” she admitted.

“I could tell that something was not right that evening,” Stephanie recalled.

Stephanie Matto jars tiktok 03

Stephanie detected the problem “when I was lying in bed and I could feel a pressure in my stomach moving upward.”

“It was quite hard to breathe,” Stephanie described, “and every time I tried to breathe in I’d feel a pinching sensation around my heart.”

She continued: “And that, of course, made my anxiety escalate.”

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Most people would try drinking a glass of water, but Stephanie — being rich — could afford to seek immediate medical treatment.

“I actually called my friend and asked if they could come over to drive me to the hospital,” she shared.

Stephanie explained her panic “because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack.”

Stephanie Matto displays one of her jars

“I ended up going to the hospital that evening,” Stephanie shared.

I didn’t tell my doctors about the farting in the jar,” she revealed.

“But,” Stephanie added, “I did tell them about my diet.”

“I was advised to change my diet and to take a gas suppressant medication,” Stephanie admitted.

She acknowledged that this is a change “which has effectively ended my business.”

Fans aren’t sure if her story entirely adds up, though no one doubts that she genuinely feared for her life.

Stephanie Matto explains (preview)

Now, confusing digestive gas rising up in the esophagus for a heart attack is not uncommon.

There is an entire Golden Girls episode about it (oh, how we miss Betty White already).

And, like Stephanie, many who experience this phenomenon are young, healthy twenty-somethings.

If a diet is especially spicy, especially acidic, or otherwise prone to producing gas, this can happen earlier in life.

The sudden discomfort in one’s chest very naturally causes a person to panic, fearing the worse.

It really does feel like a pressure on one’s heart, but a heart attack is not resolved by burping or drinking a cool glass of water — gas pain often is.

Stephanie Matto has an idea (preview)

Because this is not uncommon, fans are wondering why Stephanie is being forced to retire from her latest endeavor.

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Her flatulence fortune does require a specific diet, but … now that she knows, she can just drink a cool glass of water and burp when she experiences this again.

For that matter, Stephanie might be able to expand her business to burp jars if she wants.

It is possible, fans speculate, that Stephanie is using this genuine scare as an excuse to step back from her role as a flatus tycoon.

This gives her (and her digestive system) a break and creates artificial scarcity.

One day, Stephanie could offer a limited return of the business and potentially pocket another small fortune with this foul enterprise.

Stephanie Matto ready to date again (The Single Life s2 preview)

Unfortunately, there is something much more vile than Stephanie’s flatulence: NFTs.

Widely characterized as an overly technical pyramid scheme, non-fungible tokens are the latest craze taking in the gullible.

While we normally wouldn’t critique Stephanie for hustling in, NFTs have a devastating impact on the environment, making involvement in them unforgivable.

Stephanie Matto threatens to sell

Stephanie claims to be getting into the NFT business.

Unlike with her other ventures, such as online sex work, we honestly cannot say that we wish her well.

Hopefully, the scourge of NFTs will end soon as more people lose their savings buying links to .JPG files of ugly animals. Until then, NFTs remain a blight upon our world.


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