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Tammy Slaton, 1000-Lb. Sisters Star, Hospitalized Yet Again: I Nearly Died!


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Tammy Slaton could use your thoughts and prayers right about now.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, who has battled quite a number of health problems over the years, just recently got out of the hospital.

Yes, unfortunately.


As you can see below, Slaton posted frequently on her TikTok account (@itsqueentammy86) as she was under the care of doctors.

The veteran reality star sadly suffered a mental health breakdown in July and had to therefore opt-out of filming for the reality show she appears on opposite sibling Amy in September.

As for the issue this time around?

It was actually very serious.

Slaton told followers that she recently developed a pneumonia infection that was caused by carbon dioxide poisoning.

Her situation grew even more dire after developed sepsis… and had to be placed on life support for a while.

Tammy even got a tracheotomy at one point to help clear her airway.


tammy s

Despite this enormous scare, Tammy has shared that she’s “good.”

In another one of her TikTok videos shared this month, Slaton added:

“I’m doing better day by day. I’m supposed to be getting out of the hospital in a couple of days.”

Then, on November 29, Tammy took to Tik Tok again, saying that she would be leaving the hospital in the very near future.

1000 pounds

Slaton also told followers that she’ll be headed to a rehab facility in order to build strength and lose weight.

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With no judgment about her appearance, let’s all hope she succeeds in this goal — from a health standpoint alone.

Tammy has had to be hospitalized for complications from pneumonia several times over the past few years.

In 2020, she also contracted COVID-19, which also required another hospitalization.

more tammy

Prior to nearly losing her life, Tammy left a food addiction rehab program (despite losing 60 pounds) and decided to try to continue the process from home.

Her sister then hired a nurse to help with this mission.

“I wouldn’t say I’m excited to have a stranger in my house, going through all my things.

“But it might be nice to have someone to talk to and to kick it with,” Tammy said on an episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters that aired last week.

We wish her the best in her journey.


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