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YouTube Wanderers Partner Harsh Gupta Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Much More!!


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Harsh Gupta is the name of the Malhan YouTubers family. He is the husband of popular YouTuber Prerna Malhan. He is an Indian content creator who, along with his wife became a partner of the Wanderers Hub YouTube channel. Both of them share travel vlogs and food experiences on their YouTube channel. They also share videos of their travel experiences. The channel Harsh Gupta Wanderers Hub has more than 8 million subscribers. Here in this blog, you will get the details of Harsh Gupta’s Net Worth, age, family, Profession and more. 

Who is Harsh Gupta?

Born on 8th February 1990 is famous for being a YouTuber with the collaboration of his wife. He is an Indian and loves to travel to different places for more exploration. Harsh Gupta along with his wife post videos on their YouTube channel of food reviews, travel vlogs, pranks, and other challenging situations. His first video on the YouTube channel exceeded 1 million total views. Wanderers Hub made its YouTube debut with Bhutan Travel Guide in March 2017 with the name – “Beautiful Paro and Thimphu.” 

Quick Information of Harsh Gupta!!

Real Name
Harsh Gupta
Place of Birth
Harsh Gupta Date of Birth
February 8, 1990
Harsh Gupta Age
34 years as of 2024
Zodiac Sign
Harsh Gupta Height
Harsh Gupta Profession
Electronic Engineer, YouTuber
Harsh Gupta Net Worth
$1 to $5 Million
Harsh Gupta Income Source
YouTube Channel
Marital Status
Married to Prerna Malhan who is a YouTuber
Harsh Gupta Relationship
He was in a relationship with Prerna Malhan since his school days
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Famous YouTube Videos of Wanderers Hub (Harsh Gupta)!!

Wanderers Hub (Harsh Gupta)
Wanderers Hub (Harsh Gupta)

Harsh Gyupta is a famous YouTuber who posts videos of trying new and tasty food for ranking and also posts videos of his travel experience. Harsh Gupta’s net worth is because of his engaging videos along with his wife Prerna Malhan. They both post funny videos of their life and ceremonies. Here are some of the videos with more than a million views. 

  • The Truth of Couples (YouTube shorts)
  • Tera Ishq (10 M views)
  • Our love story (11 M Views)
  • Kala Dhaga (Official Video) (10 M Views)
  • Challenging Video of Rs 1000 date vs Rs 10,000 date (8.6 M views)
  • We opened a real McDonald’s in our new home (8.2 M views)
  • Healthy vs Junk Food Challenge (13 M views)

There are plenty of many other wonderful videos of Harsh Gupta on his channel Wanderers Hub: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wanderers+hub+Harsh+Gupta

You can also check Harsh Gupta Age, family, lifestyle, biography, and YouTube Career by clicking the link:


Harsh Gupta Facebook Page Link is: https://www.facebook.com/wanderers.hub/ 

If you want to follow Harsh Gupta and wants to enjoy his solo videos and videos with his wife, you can click on his page’s link. 

Harsh Gupta Interests and Hobbies!!

Beyond the camera lens, Harsh Gupta has a rich tapestry of interests. He loves to travel and his interest extends beyond his YouTube channel. He often immerses himself in new cultures, capturing wonderful moments that go beyond the predictable tourist experience. Additionally, Harsh Gupta is an electronic engineer and most of his time goes into resisting assaults thrown by her wife Prerna regarding the proper functioning of this website.

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Harsh Gupta Personal Life!!

Harsh Gupta Personal Life
Harsh Gupta Personal Life

At 34 years old (as of 2024), Harsh Gupta is not only a seasoned traveller but also a committed family man. He tied the knot with famous YouTuber Prerna Malhan, and the couple has embraced the challenges and joys of married life together. He did not reveal any details about his kids. This shows that he is committed to his family maintains a balance between his personal and professional life and does not want to disclose his personal life on social media. 

Final words of Harsh Gupta Networth, Age, Family and More!!

To conclude, Harsh Gupta (Prerna Malhan) is a member of a famous family. He is the brother-in-law of Triggered Insaan and Fukra Insaan. Harsh Gupta’s age is 34 years and he gained much popularity on social media with his amazing videos. He is a dedicated YouTuber and posts travelling videos for exposure enthusiasts. People love to watch his video first before planning to visit a specific place. Moreover, he is leading a happy personal life with Prerna Malhan and the couple is leading their YouTube channel with their hard work and humour. 

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Who is harsh in Wanderers Hub?

Harsh Gupta is a partner in the YouTube channel Wanderers Hub with his wife Prerna Malhan. They are posting amazing videos on their channel, earning millions of views and followers. 

  • How much is Harsh Gupta Net Worth?

Harsh Gupta is an electronic engineer and a famous YouTuber. His net worth lies between $1 to $5 million. 

  • Who is the wife of Harsh Gupta 9Wanderers Hub?
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Harsh Gupta’s wife is Prerna Malhan, a YouTuber and vlogger.

  • What is the relationship between Harsh Gupta and Fukra Insaan?

Harsh Gupta is a brother-in-law of Fukra Insaan and Triggered Insaan. He is married to their sister Prerna Malhan.

  • Who is the mother-in-law of Harsh Gupta 9Wanderers Hub?

Harsh Gupta’s mother-in-law is Dimple Malhan, a YouTuber and vlogger.


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